Choosing the Greenest Options for Banner Prints November 18 2020

I've spent the past 13 years researching and designing using green materials. Along the way I've always strived to source the most eco friendly banner options. Here's how I've looked at it. Banner material is essentially two substrates: the print material and the ink. The largest of the two materials is the banner. Lets look at that first. 

For large scale banner printing, 98 percent of customers require full color prints. Occasionally a simple non printing option is cool such as stenciling or hand painting (the 2 percent). So for full color prints, it narrows our focus. So we need banner materials that can be run on full color print machines. The banner material we use is fully recyclable, and partially biodegradable. lt's also FSC Certified. It's called FlexArt.


The second piece is ink. We use Latex ink which features no hazardous chemicals. Most vertical banner stand printing companies use solvent-based inks which contain compounds that were harmful to people and the environment. Materials printed with latex ink can be recycled more easily. These new inks aren't flammable, they don't contain hazardous air pollutants and they're nickel-free. Graphics printed with latex ink are higher in quality than printed graphics that use solvent inks. It can print onto all the same materials as solvent ink.

Here's some more info on our FSC Certified Print Material:

Flexart® 280 is a non-woven alternative to textile canvas. Flexart® is cellulose based, latex saturated and manufactured with long reinforced synthetic fibers to provide stretch and durability. Flexart® has a bright white canvas texture to mimic traditional canvas offering consistent uniformity and is flexible enough to be stretched on a frame, making it a perfect substrate to print fine art reproductions meeting the demands for image quality and color density. Due to the latex saturation, the product provides exceptional lay flat properties, making it a great media to use in retractable banner stands as well as in hanging signage. Printability: UV, Latex, Eco-solvent, Solvent, Offset, Screen Flexart® Matte is a non-woven alternative to textile canvas. FlexArt® Matte is cellulose based, latex saturated and manufactured with long reinforced synthetic fibers to provide stretch and durability. Matte finish. Printability: UV, Latex, Offset, Screen Choose your GREEN resource from a leading solutions provider.

Here's more safety info on the product. Safety in the sense of what is safe for us and our environment:

PRODUCT SAFETY PVC free, Contains No - IARC Group 1 Carcinogens, Contains No - OSHA Regulated Toxic metal or Carcinogens, Contains No - USEPA Toxic Release Inventory Substances, Complies with European REACH Standards

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