Earth Rated and Boothster collaborate on cost effective and environmentally friendly custom tradeshow booth design May 05 2017

Earth Rated is a sustainable lifestyle brand for dog lovers that focuses on providing an essential product for our furry friends; biodegrable and recyclable doggie bags that help reduce landfill waste with unique plant based ingredients and bacterial cultures that break down the baggies naturally! Earth Rated’s dedication to green lifestyles and sustainable solutions to common problems is why Boothster is proud to work with them on their recent custom tradeshow booth design!


Boothster Sustainable Tradeshow Booth Design


This booth design for Earth Rated is very special because the walls were built to be the lightest trade show walls ever, i.e. 50-70 percent lighter than typical walls which saves at least $1000 per show in drayage!


Boothster Green Tradeshow Booth Design


Boothster and Earth Rated Collaborate on Cost Effective Tradeshow Booth Design


This booth was also built with FSC certified plywood, meaning that it is Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as a responsibly harvested timber product, which helps to support healthy, sustainable forests! The innovative wall design changes and the use of the FSC Drywall helped to make this custom tradeshow booth cost effective and environmentally friendly!

- The Boothologist.