Recyclable Tradeshow Booth Design for Prairie Biosciences Canada March 28 2018

custom ecofriendly tradeshow booth design for prairie biosciences canada

Prairie Biosciences Canada is a partnership with Bioscience Association Manitoba, Ag-West Bio and BioAlberta to accelerate the growth of Western Canadian bioscience-based clean tech companies. Part of their mandate is to coordinate the planning and participation of trade missions and to assist companies to capitalize on new market opportunities as well as raise international awareness of western Canada’s clean technology capabilities.  


ecofriendly tradeshow booth design for governmental organizations

Boothster is proud to have worked with Prairie Biosciences Canada on their custom tradeshow booth construction at the recent Globe Series Forum in Vancouver, British Columbia. The GLOBE Forum is an exciting, international gathering of global senior business, government and civil society representatives who are at the forefront of the clean economy. GLOBE Forum and the associated Innovation Expo, that showcases cleantech and sustainable innovation, attract nearly 10,000 delegates from more than 50 countries, sparking inspiration, collaboration, innovation and enhanced corporate responsibility.


custom tradeshow booth design for government organizations


The custom tradeshow booth structure for Prairie Biosciences Canada was constructed using printable and recyclable cellulose fiberboard that was designed to fit together into a dynamic and original tradeshow display. In a busy tradeshow environment, with many different messages, colors and stimuli, this display definitely stands out! This custom tradeshow structure was constructed by assembling dozens of printed fiberboard panels into a three dimensional geometric shape that is both attention grabbing and structurally strong!


custom recyclable tradeshow booth design for government organizations


As we have written before, Boothster is committed to designing original, compelling custom tradeshow booths using only sustainable and recyclable materials. Recyclable fiberboard is made from post-consumer paper waste, it is repulpable, biodegradable and is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified! In addition to it’s ecofriendly, cost saving qualities, fiberboard is also a perfect medium for all types of printed designs! From brand logos, product photography or even faux wood and textured patterns, the potential range of printed designs is limited only by your imagination! Recyclable fiberboard fits right into Boothster’s cradle to cradle, sustainable booth design approach and it’s range of potential creative uses and 100% recyclability have established it as one of the Boothologist’s favorite booth design materials!

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