Take your ecofriendly tradeshow booth creativity to the next level with printable cellulose fiberboard March 01 2018

In a busy tradeshow, exhibitors are competing to get the attention of potential consumers, customers and investors. In an environment with many different messages, colors and stimuli, often the most dynamic, creative and bold designs stand out. That is where printable and recyclable cellulose fiberboard comes in. Printable fiberboard, or “Xanita Board” provides versatile and sturdy options for creating every part of a custom tradeshow booth from basic booth structural columns to booth furniture, stand alone kiosks, seating and signage!  Fully recyclable and printable X Board is perfect for point-of-purchase displays, retail store displays, brochure holders, expo stands, shelving units, brand activation tables, faux wood beams, event furniture, 3D lettering, giant animals and trees and so much more!


printable fiberboard used in tradeshow booth design

X board is manufactured from recycled kraft paper and agri-fibres and is free of virgin wood fibres. The closed-cell dense core of X board delivers unprecedented crush-strength which turns traditional decorative wood panel designs on their heads.  When engineered into aerated timber-like panels, X Board exhibits an impressive dry crush-strength of up to 90 tons per square meter, yet it weighs less than 90kg/cbm. That’s about 7 times lighter than most solid MDF, plywood and particleboard panels.  In addition to being strong enough to serve as the structural base of large tradeshow booths, X board is significantly lighter than traditional materials and can be safely recycled at the end of use! The weight savings and recyclability of X board help significantly reduce shipping and transportation costs. The creative versatility and number of uses for X board are limited only by your imagination!


recyclable tradeshow booth construction materials

As we have written before, Boothster is committed to designing original, compelling custom tradeshow booths using only sustainable and recyclable materials.  X board is made from post-consumer repulped paper waste, it is repulpable, biodegradable and is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified! In addition to it’s ecofriendly, cost saving qualities, X board is a perfect medium for all types of printed designs! From brand logos, product photography or even faux wood and textured patterns, the potential range of printed designs is limited only by your imagination! Origami board fits right into Boothster’s cradle to cradle, sustainable booth design approach and the range of potential creativity and 100% recyclbility of X board has established it as one of the Boothologist’s favorite booth design materials!


recycable tradeshow booth walls


Boothster is proud to have utilized origami board for various elements of several recent custom tradeshow booth designs.  Currently, Boothster is building a custom tradeshow booth that is entirely constructed of X board! The client wanted a sustainable booth design that conveys a “farmhouse” aesthetic while maintaining 100% recyclability. For this booth, Origami board is used for everything including signage, structural walls, tables, cabinets and islands.  The printability of Origami board makes it perfect for faux wood designs on the tabletops and walls, as well as promotional imagery, photos and logos! 


printable tradeshow booth materials


Also, because Origami board is so sturdy and structurally strong, all the elements of this booth can be reused as many times as needed until the end of their life-cycle. Then, when this booth is finally disposed of, every single piece of this exhibit can be safely recycled!


totally recyclable tradeshow booth design


To learn more about how recyclable “Origami Board” can be used in your custom ecofriendly tradeshow booth design, check out our white papers below, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!