Taylor Blackwell, Director

Over the past 6 years, fine artisan Taylor Blackwell has been one of Portland's best kept secrets in it's thriving set and exhibition design industry, as well as as a key cog in the emerging PDX urban art scene. He broke into these areas on the foundation of a career in fine art and interior design finishing, and is ecstatic atbout heading Boothster's set design department.

An expert in what he calls "surface control" Blackwell specializes in designing and developing customized finishing and aesthetic solutions that provide integral subtext for amazing environments - from commercial sets to international exhibitions. In 2014/2015, he executed on an innovative burn technique that accented Boothster's spectacular US Forest Community exhibit at international expositions in Durban, South Africa and Salt Lake City USA. In addition to this project, Taylor has executed on countless creative challenges for Boothster from challenging pantone matches, stencils, faux marbel, clear coating, faux wood, and more.

As a project lead for Stage Right, a former top Portland set design company, Blackwell led the creative pitch that won a job with Nike. For the project, Taylor painted basketballs to look like planets. On another project, he painted and built giant faces for a Broadway play that was featured in the NY Times. Below are just a few examples of his vast body of work, including the above.

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