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Brazi Bites and Boothster - a delicious collaboration! May 20 2017

Brazi Bites are new brand of delicious, all natural, gluten free cheesebreads that are taking the country by storm. The Boothologist recently had the pleasure of working with them on their latest custom tradeshow booth and trying some of their delicious new cheesebreads!

Boothster proud to work with Pacifica Beauty on their recent custom tradeshow booth at Natural Products Expo West May 14 2017

Pacifica Beauty has become known as one of the most innovative, creative natural beauty brands on the market with a full range of innovative, safe, and sustainable cosmetics, perfumes and skin care. Working with companies who emphasize natural and sustainable business practices is what Boothster is all about and we are proud to have worked with Pacifica Beauty on their recent custom tradeshow booth design at Natural Products Expo West!

Pacifica Beauty Custom Tradeshow Booth Design by Boothster

The challenge of this project was to “Design an ethereal, fantasy like experience... oh and come up with a concept for a unicorn..." Creatively, this project was one of the more fun ones in recent memory.

Custom Tradeshow Booth Design at NPEW


Our stellar team put our own spin on the iconic yet often campy Unicorn people are used to seeing by using CNC technology, Pacifica brand colors and an ultra light FSC certified wood product we recently discovered and have now integrated into our repertoire. FSC certified plywood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as a responsibly harvested timber product, which helps to support healthy, sustainable forests!

Sustainable Tradeshow Booth Design

Booth design by Turn Design and Boothster. Detailing by Fletcher Visual.

Earth Rated and Boothster collaborate on cost effective and environmentally friendly custom tradeshow booth design May 05 2017

Earth Rated is a sustainable lifestyle brand for dog lovers that focuses on providing an essential product for our furry friends; biodegrable and recyclable doggie bags that help reduce landfill waste with unique plant based ingredients and bacterial cultures that break down the baggies naturally! Earth Rated’s dedication to green lifestyles and sustainable solutions to common problems is why Boothster is proud to work with them on their recent custom tradeshow booth design!


Boothster Sustainable Tradeshow Booth Design


This booth design for Earth Rated is very special because the walls were built to be the lightest trade show walls ever, i.e. 50-70 percent lighter than typical walls which saves at least $1000 per show in drayage!


Boothster Green Tradeshow Booth Design


Boothster and Earth Rated Collaborate on Cost Effective Tradeshow Booth Design


This booth was also built with FSC certified plywood, meaning that it is Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as a responsibly harvested timber product, which helps to support healthy, sustainable forests! The innovative wall design changes and the use of the FSC Drywall helped to make this custom tradeshow booth cost effective and environmentally friendly!

- The Boothologist.



Attune Foods Custom Tradeshow Booth at the Natural Products West Show April 20 2017

Based in Eugene, OR Attune Foods, LLC produces natural and organic cereals, granolas, and snacks. Its product line includes high-fiber, organic, and gluten-free breakfast cereals; refrigerated and non-refrigerated probiotic bars; raisin bran, and rye and hemp; and graham crisps, and sweet home farm granolas. The company offers its products through wholesalers and retail stores in the United States.


Attune Foods Tradeshow Booth at the Natural Products West Show


At Attune Foods, they believe what matters most is what's inside. They make their foods from simple ingredients, and are commited to bringing consumers food that helps them feel good and that they can feel good about eating with their family. It was this focus on elegant simplicity that drove The Boothologist’s designs of the Attune Foods Tradeshow Booth at the Natural Products West Show.


Attune Foods Tradeshow Booth at the Natural Products West Show


By using natural colors and reusable materials, Boothster was able to design and construct a custom tradeshow booth that reflected a simple and rustic feel to make consumers feel comfortable in the space while drawing their attention to the products on display.


Attune Foods Tradeshow Booth at the Natural Products West Show


One of ways we used natural materials and use of color contrast to draw attention to the products was engraving the Attune’s message "What matters most is inside" into reclaimed fir, and staining it dark, with the engraved letters a metaphor for "what's inside". The letters could have been too dark to see in other applications, but the color contrast ended up working out perfect! The strategy was to have a dark colored tradeshow booth which allowed the very loud and bright graphic colors of the product packaging to jump off the shelf. We were really excited to see the product do just that - and more! It's one of our many booth design ideas we are so very proud of.

- The Boothologist.

GoMacro and Boothster win "Best Medium Sized Booth" at CHFA West Tradeshow April 11 2017

GoMacro believes in feeling good about what we eat. How it tastes, how it's made, and how it sustains the environment. Family owned and based in a small rural community, their wholesome food maintains goodness on all levels. Small in size but big on impact, GoMacro believes in being a big picture company. That is why Boothster and The Boothologist are proud to have worked with GoMacro on their award winning “Best Medium Sized Booth” at the Canadian Health Food Association West tradeshow that just wrapped up on April 7 in Vancouver British Columbia!



GoMacro and Boothster win Best Medium Sized Booth at CHFA West



Boothster was founded to work with companies like GoMacro, who have a passion for healthy lifestyles and sustainable business practices, to create green, reusable and recyclable custom tradeshow booths, banner stands and signage that get the message out to potential customers, clients and consumers while maintaining consideration for our impact on the environment.


Boothster Award Winning Best Medium Tradeshow Booth at CHFA West


Boothster and The Boothologist would also like to give thanks to all the companies who contributed to this awesome accomplishment. Many thanks to Chris, Kristen, Jeremy, Ray, Scott and the teams at CDS Can Do it, Fletcher Visual and My Hammerhead Solutions on a stellar achievement!


Boothster Best Medium Sized Booth at CHFA West

Boothster's Eco Rolla Green Tradeshow Banner Stands for the Energy Trust of Oregon and living a Sustainable Lifestyle April 06 2017

The independent, nonprofit Energy Trust of Oregon is an organization that helps utility customers in Oregon benefit from efficient energy use and generating renewable energy. They offer services, cash incentives and other energy solutions to customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas in Oregon and customers of NW Natural in Washington that help them reduce energy usage and energy costs for residential properties and commercial entities alike. 


The Energy Trust of Oregon uses Eco Rolla Banners


As a company focused on reduction of waste and use of renewable resources, Boothster.com and the Boothologist are proud to be working with The Energy Trust of Oregon on their custom tradeshow booth, using green, reusable vertical banner stands.


Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stands for the Energy Trust of Oregon

Eco Rolla Sustainable Tradeshow Banner Stands used by the Energy Trust of Oregon


In addition to working with The Energy Trust on their promotional and tradeshow initiatives, Boothster's Founder and Boothologist, John Paull Davidson is a firm believer in working to reduce energy waste by increasing energy efficiency and living a more sustainable lifestyle. In collaboration with the Energy Trust, the Boothologist was able to power his "Net Zero" home, including the house and family car. Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Living are more than just corporate messaging, it is what The Boothologist and the Boothster Team truly believe in.


Energy Efficient Home Upgrades by The Energy Trust of Oregon


To learn more about how Boothster and the Boothologist can help you realize the design of your company's green tradeshow display, sustainable promotional signage and messaging contact us today!


Odyssey Cannabis Co. using the "Eco Rolla" Vertical Banner Stand for Tradeshow Signage March 22 2017

Odyssey Cannabis Co Tradeshow Banner Stands


Following the growing trend in new sustainable businesses, Oregon based Odyssey Cannabis Company offers organic, all-natural cannabis grown in one of the "best climates in the world for marijuana cultivation". Odyssey prides itself on “working with nature, not against it” to nurture, water and care for their highly sought after strains of Cannabis. In addition to partnering with master farmers using organic growing practices, Odyssey cannabis is grown using real Oregon sunshine, soil and water. By embracing a small-batch, craft ideology, Odyssey is able to offer some of the most beautiful, stickiest, sustainably sun-grown buds available.


Odyssey Cannabis Co Tradeshow Banner Stand


Recently, Odyssey has taken their business on the road, promoting their ideas of all-natural, organic cannabis at industry tradeshows around the country. An essential part of promoting Odyssey’s mission is to use the proper signage and tradeshow banner stands to convey their message about green, sustainable cannabis production. That is why they chose Boothster to help design and manufacture their tradeshow booth using the famous “Eco Rolla” Recyclable Banner Stands. Boothster’s history of outstanding green tradeshow booth design and the sustainable, reusable nature of the “Eco Rolla” made them a natural fit for Odyssey’s brand and message. To learn more about Odyssey Cannabis Co, look for them at your nearest industry tradeshow or visit their website!


Odyssey Cannabis Co Tradeshow Banner Stand

Custom Green Tradeshow Booth Design for Dr. Praeger's Foods March 16 2017

Dr. Praeger's is an all-natural, frozen foods company based in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. The company was founded in 1994 and run by practicing cardiac surgeons Dr. Peter Praeger and Dr. Eric Somberg and their families. Their products are distributed across the United States and internationally in Canada, Europe, South America and Israel.


Dr. Praeger's Natural Products Expo West Tradeshow Booth by Boothster


Dr. Praeger’s products are all-natural, preservative-free, Kosher, dairy free, free of artificial flavors and colors and MSG, trans-fat free and most are also low in cholesterol, sodium and/or saturated fats. Due to Dr. Praeger's focus on using sustainable, natural ingredients in their products, it was a no-brainer for them to partner with Boothster for the design and manufacture of an attractive, custom tradeshow booth that promotes their brand using sustainable and recyclable materials and practices.


Dr. Praeger's Natural Products Expo West Tradeshow Booth by Boothster


At the 2016 Natural Products Expo West show, Boothster and Dr. Praeger's had the opportunity to reveal their latest custom, green tradeshow booth design for the company. Their requirements for NPEW were to have a main, "big" booth and then have a second much lighter, cost effective, "lounge" booth. Boothster was able to come up with a "lounge" design featuring big reusable banners in the back; two Eco-Rolla banner stands, rented furniture, and a simplified version of their normal store counter.


Dr. Praeger's Natural Products Expo West Tradeshow Booth by Boothster


By working with Boothster to design and manufacture their custom tradeshow booth, Dr. Praeger's was able to display their brand in a sustainable, cost-effective way, while also maintaining brand integrity and maximizing tradeshow visitor engagement. Have any ideas for or questions about the benefits of green tradeshow booth design and what Boothster can do for your company?

Fill out a quote request form or email us today!

The Bamboo Banner Stand November 29 2016

Bamboo is Cool

Years ago I traveled the world to discover the ultimate in green, eco friendly portable displays. On a trek to Shanghai to source bamboo banner material, I stumbled upon a surprisingly cool, and sustainable minded vertical banner stand manufacturer outside of that thriving Asian metropolis. The result was the only (along with our bamboo table top display) product we buy outside the USA that meets our requirements for sustainability. It's the Bamboo Lite, a bamboo vertical banner stand. Over the years it has been our number 2 biggest seller, right behind the only USA made vertical banner stand, the Eco Rolla.

Easy Set Up. Sustainable.
Stands Out.

Booth Pricing Update November 23 2016

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Custom Booth Design for Trade
Shows and Pop Up Stores

Our custom booths range in pricing from $175-250 per square foot. This includes design, fabrication and materials. Shipping and installation cost more and vary widely depending on location and size of booth.

Our first consultation is free, and after that, we require an up front design fee of 10-15% of the total project budget. Upon completion of the design to your approval, we require 60% of the remaining total; and the final 40% payment in hand before shipment.

Easy Set Up. Sustainable.

Stands Out.

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