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Boothster Proud to Work with FITera and FitFreeze Ice Cream on their Eco Friendly Tradeshow Banner Stands! October 20 2017

As a company that is devoted to helping people through personal responsibility and personal empowerment, FITera believes in a holistic approach to fitness and health that goes all the way through to their design choices for eco friendly expo booth design and

When it comes to eco friendly tradeshow booth design, many companies talk the talk, but do they walk the walk? October 13 2017

Tradeshows, Expos and Promotional Events are opportunities to portray your brand, your company or your organization’s mission, goals and values to the public. These values are not only conveyed to the audience through a combination of branding, marketing and signage. They are also conveyed to the audience through your choice...

Easy Set Up is Key for Tradeshow Banner Stands and Booth Designs October 06 2017

The Eco Rolla Vertical Tradeshow Banner Stand is is arguably the easiest banner stand in the world to set up. No need to fuss with internal spring mechanisms that often break in typical aluminum banner stands. The Eco Rolla sets up in minutes or less!

The Eco Rolla Tradeshow Banner Stand is Great for Organizations of All Sizes September 29 2017

The Eco Rolla Vertical Tradeshow Banner Stand is a perfect eco friendly banner stand solution for all types of tradeshows, corporate events or exhibition use, including indoor point-of-purchase displays and temporary outdoor displays!

The Most Eco Friendly Tradeshow Banner Stand on the Planet is Now Priced at $399! September 21 2017

For Eco Conscious companies interested in reducing their environmental footprint, The Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand is great for full color digital printing and is at least 90% biodegradable, making it a much better banner stand choice for an ecofriendly...

Long time adopter of eco friendly business practices adopts sustainable tradeshow booth design September 15 2017

As part of their ongoing marketing initiatives, Boothster has worked with Extensis for many years providing bamboo vertical tradeshow banner stands, lightweight stretch fabric walls and trade show signage using our eco-cotton print material.

Green Tradeshow Booth Design Materials Smackdown September 07 2017

Boothster prides itself on offering sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for tradeshow booth and design materials. A couple examples of commonly overlooked sustainable materials in tradeshow booths, exhibits and portable displays include booth carpeting and printable signage or banners.

Boothster proud to work with Earth Rated & Modern Kanine on their sustainable tradeshow booth design for SuperZoo 2017! August 29 2017

One of our favorite environmentally conscious companies, Earth Rated, is releasing an exciting new line of dog products under the name Modern Kanine! Modern Kanine is a fun new brand of color coordinated and perfumed doggy waste bags that are...

Of Unicorns and Ethereal Booth Dreams August 21 2017

Working with companies who emphasize natural and sustainable business practices is what Boothster is all about and we are proud to be working with Pacifica Beauty on their upcoming custom tradeshow booth design for the Natural Products...

Rising labor prices introduce new challenge to sustainable tradeshow booth design August 12 2017

As part of Boothster's commitment to providing our clients with environmentally and financially sustainable tradeshow booth designs, it is important to be aware of how local labor prices and regulations can significantly increase the overall cost of tradeshow booth and display construction.