Tradeshow Booth Pricing Guide

We view our relationship with our cilents as a partnership. In that capacity, The Boothologist will consult with you and work out the best solution and budget. We will not upsell you, if we don’t think you need it. We will assess the position your company is in, and where you want to go. Are you an established, large organization that has a large trade show program, and needs lean, cost effective but clever displays to stretch across a finite budget? Are you a new, game changing brand financially positioned to make a big splash in an established industry? Are you a boot strapped, “mom and pop” organization that needs something special, but for a budget, to launch you to the next level? We have done it all here at Boothster and are eager to help you in any capacity we can!


Whether your organization seeks to “go big” and make a big impact with a full custom booth; or more of a “lean” presence (yet still clever and creative), Boothster is a great choice. We divide our projects in two categories, Custom and Budget. The per square foot costs below include design, design detailing, project management, fabrication, crating, flooring. Shipping, on site set up/dismantle are not included in these per square foot parameters.

Keep in mind that Boothster offers many stand alone “a la carte” products on our vertical banner stands page (really it includes a lot more than just banner stands :-)

Ecofriendly and Sustainable Tradeshow Booths on a Budget


Custom EcoFriendly Tradeshow Booth Design Pricing

Custom booths include more creative time, meetings, and project management. The fabrication is much more involved and often includes premium materials. Generally the cost to ship, set up, and for material handling is considerably more because custom booths tend to be heavier. These are high impact, highly conceptual “wow” projects. You can find examples in our Custom Booths portfolio pages. Boothster accepts just a few of these projects per year. Custom booth projects range in pricing from $175-250 per square foot.

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Budget booth projects spend less time in design because they are usually highly inspired by previous booth designs, our proprietary green booth building systems, buy out furniture, and or some of our signature products such as vertical banners. They almost always include lighter materials and thus save A LOT of money in shipping and material handling. Budget Booths are averaging $100-135 per square foot.

Ecofriendly and Sustainable Tradeshow Booths on a Budget

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Boothster can bid on your ecofriendly tradeshow booth design

In some cases clients provide us with designs and we figure out how to build them, and bid on the fabrication. When you get in touch with us please provide your drawings with as much detail as possible. Generally, the closer to reality your drawings are, the better price that will come out. Keep in mind that your design may entail “design development” in which case we will include that in our bid.

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The Boothster team has decades of experience building exhibits worldwide, and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Portland has a thriving exhibit, trade show and retail environments building community; not to mention a thriving artisan “maker” scene. We leverage this abundance of resources by sub-contracting the major components of each project, and doing in house light fabrication, assembly and packing. We bid out most bid items to get the best pricing and scheduling.

We have a flex facility arrangement that includes storage, logistics management, forklifts, packing and booth repairs. One of our main vendors is in Seattle, but most are in Portland.

Collaboration on Ecofriendly Tradeshow Booth Designs

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Ecofriendly Tradeshow Booth Design Services offered by Boothster
Booth Services
Pricing Estimates
3D Rendering Using Existing Boothster Booth Design
3D Custom Concept with Sr Designer
Conceptual 3D or Graphic Design per hour
Design Development per hour
Project Management per hour
Shop Fabrication per hour
Print Production Design
Recyclable Banner Material per square foot
Dye Sub Print Material per square foot
Complete booths - Budget per square foot
Complete booths - Custom per square foot
Plastic Crates
Wood Crates
On Site Set Up Supervision Per Person
Booth Storage
Storage Estimates
Large Crates
Flooring Rolls
Load In / Load Out Per Crate
Crate Repairs
Time / Materials
30% Mark Up

*Boothster not responsible for damage during shipping.

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Pricing for Full-size Recyclable Banners, Ecofriendly Vertical Banner Stands, Table Displays and Booth Accessories

Recyclable Tradeshow Banner Stands are the New Standard

Boothster also offers highly unique vertical banner stands such as the Eco Rolla, which are made from biodegradable materials. We also offer cotton or recycle bin friendly banners and a variety of other portable display products. Note that we can source virtually any product on the market.

The "Eco Rolla", Vertical Banner Stand

Full Size Green Vertical Banner Stands

Full size, reusable, green vertical banner stands manufactured to your specifications
starting at $499.00

Baby Bamboo Vertical Banner Stand

Bamboo Table Top Mini Banner Stand

Bamboo Tabletop-size Banner Stands perfect for smaller events or focused messaging
starting at $50.00

Tabletop Runners and Banners

Custom Designed Table Runners and Banners

Custom printed full size table runners and banners in various dimensions
starting at $351.00

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Crating is an absolutely integral part of any trade show booth, event or exhibit program; yet it’s arguably the most challenging. Even our most burly wood crates made out of 2x4s or even 2x6 wood planks can get damaged by overzealous forklift drivers. Wood crates are expensive and heavy. For example a solid crate easily costs $1000 each and can weigh 500 lbs, before you put anything inside, and may cost $400-500 in material handling costs just to get the booth from the dock to the booth. These big crates also add to the shipping cost from Portland to your trade show. But heavy duty wood crates are often a MUST for trade shows.

However, a GREAT alternative that we have had some initial success with are Ecorrcrates. These crates are surprisingly durable, and made out of very thick, cross laminated cardboard. They save easily half of the cost of big wood crates in material handling and shipping. Cost wize they are about $750. That means you save $250 on the cost of the crate plus another $4-500 in material handling for each show, not to mention shipping savings.

Boothster also offers several sizes of plastic crates made especially for trade show booths that include wheels. These vary in pricing from $3-600. Our most common is $350.

Boothster also offers (for a limited time) grey canvas cases that are great for banner stands for $75 each.

Durable Crating for Tradeshow Booth Shipping

Durable Crating for Tradeshow Booth Shipping

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Our first consultation is free, and after that, we require an up front design fee of 10-15% of the total project budget. Upon completion of the design to your approval, we then invoice for 60% of the ballpark budget and either progress payments or a sum total of the remaining, prior to shipping. For projects under $3000 we require full payment prior to shipment.

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