The Green Vertical Banner Stand - Eco Rolla

The Green Vertical Banner Stand - Eco Rolla

$ 299.00

UPDATE: Eco Rolla Now Offered in Table Top Size!
Fifteen years ago we were marveling at the clever functionality of vertical banner stands. Throw them over your shoulder, land at your event, pull them out of the bag, and bam - you've got a free standing, branded presence. But as we scoured the globe, we couldn't find anything eco friendly; or with a cool design aesthetic. They all had this high tech, aluminum feel. And most were built so cheaply, they fell apart. You could not easily change out the banners! What's more, they were made of non sustainable materials like aluminum and vinyl. With no solutions that met the Boothster cradle to cradle, sustainable design ethos, we decided to design our own. We took a truly "outside the booth" approach. After a thorough analysis of potential green materials, we settled on:

    -Durable, recycled paper tubes for the base
    -Biodegradable wood
    -Recyclable banner material made from recycled content that is FSC Certified
    -Latex Ink, the most environmentally friendly, green, sustainable option on planet

    We designed the Eco Rolla to offer the following features:
      -Print, fabricate and assemble them in Portland, Oregon, USA
      -Eliminate the spring loaded retractable hardware which often breaks in traditional banner stands
      -Allow for fully customizable bases - ie full color print that wraps around the base
      -Include a unique eco aesthetic
      -Offer customizable banner sizes
      -Include a compact storage bag, and recyclable cardboard box for shipping

        We are really pleased with how the design turned out. And so are over 100s of customers throughout the globe.

        -The Boothologist