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The "Eco Rolla", Green Vertical Banner Stand

The "Eco Rolla", Green Vertical Banner Stand

$ 399.00

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Prepare Your Image Files

The 'Eco Rolla' vertical banner stand features imagery on the banner itself, as well as on the bottom of the bannerstand base.

1) Prepare your banner and stand base image files with this template.
All banner images must be saved as a CMYK PDF with a minimum 125d.p.i at full size. More graphic requirements can be found here.

Select Your Options

Select your banner printing options and additional add-ons. Extras include all necessary hardware.

Place Order and Upload Image

Place your order using our secure checkout and you will be then prompted to upload your full size CMYK PDF banner image. If you have any questions please email jp.davidson@boothster.com

As I daydream back 12 years or so ago, I remember digging how cool vertical banner stands were. Throw them over your shoulder, land at your event, pull them out of the bag, and bam - they almost set themselves up. But as I dug deeper, and scoured the globe, I couldn't find anything that looked cool. They all had this high tech, aluminum feel. And most were built so cheaply, they fell apart, and you couldn't even change out the banners. What's more, they were made of non sustainable materials like aluminum and vinyl banners. And other issue, is they all had the same boxy aluminum bases that came in either silver or black. From a branding perspective - lame. So I built a team of non booth people and took an outside the box approach. We wanted something "designer" and high impact. Something that was sustainable; but not granola store sustainable. Something appropriate for hip software to natural food companies. What we came up with, I'm really proud of. It's called the Eco Rolla, and it's the coolest vertical banner stand around. It helps your brand stand out. And stand out in a socially responsible way.
-The Boothologist

Here are some of the cool features of the Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand:
  • + Made in the USA in Portland, Oregon
  • + Customizable base graphics NEW: now easily changed out w/ velcro system
  • + Unique eco aesthetic
  • + Biodegradable materials: recycled paper tubes, soy-glue plywood and cotton banner material
  • + Ask us about custom sizes (additional costs apply)
  • + Compact storage bag with set-up instructions
  • + Green, eco friendly
  • + Includes all hardware, banner, base banner as pictured at left