Sustainable Brands Co-Sponsors To Collaborate on New Modular and Biodegradable Tradeshow Booth Design Product July 22 2018

The exhibit industry is one of the most wasteful on the planet. Just take a look at the end of most industry trade shows and you'll see the floor and dumpsters filled with plastics, discarded aluminum and other non sustainable materials that inevitably fill up landfills. However, the Sustainable Brands show is an exception to this rule. Sustainable Brands Shows are designed to inspire, engage and equip business professionals to drive business and brand value through environmental and social innovation.


 sustainable tradeshow booth design at sustainable brands show



Sustainable Brands provides sustainability training on-line and in house, as well as seminars and conferences to help participants build knowledge, skills and constructive partnerships. It was at this most recent Sustainable Brands show in Vancouver, B.C. that Boothster had an opportunity to collaborate with a company who shares our appreciation of sustainable business practices and the importance of minimizing environmental impacts through the utilization of ecofriendly design and construction materials.

collaboration on cardboard tradeshow booth design

Back in March the Sustainable Brands team was interested in a eyecatching, clever and sustainable new design for their company booth, as well as all the presentation stages at their upcoming tradeshow and reached out to Boothster, one of the premier ecofriendly tradeshow booth design agencies in the Pacific Northwest. During the stage design process, through the network of like minded companies associated with the Sustainable Brands show, Boothster was able to connect with ECOR Global, an innovative biodegradable panel producer based in San Diego, and the results were fantastic.



Recyclable tradeshow booth design ideas at the sustainable brands show



ECOR is an advanced, high performance, sustainable green building material whose strength and versatility make it ideal for recyclable tradeshow booth design. Ecor’s green building materials are perfect for creating every part of a custom tradeshow booth from basic booth structural columns to booth furniture, stand alone kiosks, seating and signage!



The Boothologist give some recyclable tradeshow booth design ideas



Fully recyclable Ecor board is perfect for point-of-purchase displays, retail store displays, brochure holders, expo stands, shelving units, brand activation tables, faux wood beams, event furniture, 3D lettering, giant animals and trees and so much more!



recyclable cardboard tradeshow booth design



The Ecor/Boothster team collaborated to create a custom tradeshow booth and presentation stage design for the show that not only represented the SB branding and signage in an eyecatching way, but also utilized recyclable design materials to get exactly the aesthetic look and feel they were going for



recyclable tradeshow booth design ideas for sustainable brands show



In concert with the reclaimed wood backdrop and podium, the geometric layout of the recyclable building materials provided by ECOR helped convey the story of how new, sustainable materials are changing the way innovative businesses and tradeshow booth designers operate. This section of the custom stage backdrop was constructed by assembling dozens of printed fiberboard panels into a three dimensional geometric shape that was both attention grabbing and structurally strong!



ecofriendly recyclable tradeshow booth design



As a result of this successful collaboration, Boothster and Ecor are now working together on a new modular tradeshow booth building kit that utilizes the same printed fiberboard panels used in the Sustainable Brands stage backdrop design!



recyclable tradeshow booth design ideas for sustainable brands show



This new tradeshow booth building kit will utilize an innovative, printable card system that will allow tradeshow exhibitors to construct their own original tradeshow booth designs that are limited only by their imagination!



The Boothologist collaborates on ECOR on recyclable tradeshow booth design ideas



"Our goal has been to make the world greener one booth at a time." Said John-Paull Davidson, Founder of Boothster. "Ecor is a superb material to use not only because it's sustainable, but because it has a clean laser cut edge which appeals to a wide range of exhibitors. We are developing a booth building kit out of it (launched at SB 2018) and will integrate it into our larger booth building system."






To learn more about Boothster and Ecor's new recyclable tradeshow booth design system or how Boothster can help your company or organization with eyecatching, ecofriendly tradeshow booth design, check out our product catalog, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!