Vertical Banner Stands and Displays

Years ago when I got into the trade show booth design world, I was amazed at the utility of pop up displays and various vertical banner stands on the market. On the one hand, I realized the value to my clients for easy to set up portable displays, but I also saw some big voids in the product offerings. For one, the design aesthetic of these typical stands/displays was not very strong. Two, there were (and are) a ton of cheap alternatives that, to inexperienced clients, look the same. So they spend $250 on a banner stand, and it falls apart after one or two shows. Worse, they couldn't replace the banners. Why not spend $499 on a high end stand with easily changeable graphics that lasts years and dozens of shows? The last key item I saw lacking in the vertical display market was that there was nothing green, eco friendly, or sustainable about any of them. At that point, I hit my sketch pad hard and worked with my design team to develop the Boothster display system, and the rest is history. Check out our products here, and contact us if you don't see exactly what you want. Chances are we have done a modification that would meet your needs.

-The Boothologist
PS - to order, click on the products below, give me a call at 503-703-9148, or email me at info@boothster.com