The Boothologist Explains The Logistics of Custom Tradeshow Booth Transportation July 05 2018

As a leader in tradeshow booth design for organizations of all sizes, a big part of our work involves the logistics of shipping our ecofriendly booths to tradeshows around the country and around the world! Many of our ecofriendly tradeshow booths include custom elements and structural components that can be easily damaged in the process of shipping, which is why we use specially built wooden shipping containers that are designed to be extra durable and give extra protection to easily broken tradeshow booth components! In this video from the Boothster Tradeshow Booth Fabrication Facility in Portland, Oregon, the Boothologist explains some of the special features of our “burly” tradeshow booth shipping containers and why they are essential to the safe shipping of delicate tradeshow booth components!

 shipping logistics of custom tradeshow booth design and transportation


Not all shipping crates are built equal, and unfortunately in the process of shipping it is easily possible for shipping crates to get bumped, cracked, broken or damaged which can have a terribly destructive effect on easily damaged custom tradeshow booth components inside!


the Boothologist demonstrates custom tradeshow booth shipping and logistics 

Boothster is proud to use custom, super strong shipping crates that are specially built for us by, a local crate and pallet manufacturing company based in Eugene, OR! These crates are expertly designed and use burly hardware with special latches and clamps that are tool-less, meaning they do not require any tools to get inside!


custom tradeshow booth design, shipping and logistics 

These tradeshow booth shipping containers are extra thick to protect our booth components during long journeys across the country and around the world! The floor boards are sturdy 2X8 boards and the inside dimensions are 4’X6’X8’!  In fact these custom tradeshow shipping containers are so strong and spacious they actually resemble tiny houses!



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