Awe Inspiring and Socially Responsible Booth Design Ideas

Through awe inspiring, visually dramatic booth designs, and tenacious project management, Boothster stands alone as an international purveyor of socially responsible portable environments.


Offering a unique blend of high concept booth design ideas, and innovative off the shelf vertical banner stands made out of green materials, Boothster has provided exceptional results for a vast array of socially responsible organizations.


Boothster has designed and fabricated international world pavilions in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Seoul, Korea; Salt Lake City, USA; and Durban, South Africa; and trade show booths around the USA. For images of these and many other cool concepts, check out booth design ideas page.


Led by The Boothologist, Founder John-Paull Davidson, Boothster offers a compelling array of products and services:


-Vertical Banner Stands that look "cool" and are the ultimate in green design
-Wide array of display products including table runners, signs and traditional booth systems
-Valuable, in depth brand and organizational analysis
-Savvy recommendations on how to tackle international exhibit/trade show program management
-A super cool booth design system made out of green, eco friendly materials
-Materials recommendations


How Our Unique Process Achieves Results for Our Clients

Boothster is laser-focused on helping organizations grow through exceptionally creative, strategically designed trade show booths and banner stands for conventions, events and retail.


We begin by focusing on the strategic requirements and goals of each project. Generally, projects have many if not all of the following requirements:


-Brand reinforcement / enhancement
-Sales and re-stocking program development
-New product introductions
-Modularity for future trade shows, events
-Set up and dismantle
-Logistics and storage


Our booth design ideas are conceived in the context of of these requirements and goals. It is key to prioritize and focus on these requirements and goals; and we help our clients do so.


A Fun, and Highly Effective Booth Design Process

Our design process is fun. We roll up our sleeves and brainstorm with clients, then find perfect solutions within budget. Need a unique, show-stopping, fully custom experience? We can show you past examples, then do it for you. Need a simple, low-budget option that stands out? We’re all over it.

Vertical Banner Stands and other Clever Products for Small Events and Retail
We even have the only USA made, in-stock, biodegradable, portable display and vertical banner stand catalog available anywhere.

How to Get Started

Give us a call at 503.703.9148. Or fill out our contact page. We will be in touch as soon as possible, and most likely in 24 hours.

We can’t wait to work with you to grow your business!