A Wide Range of Pricing Options Offered for Booth Designs and Banner Stands

Boothster offers pricing that literally ranges from $100 for small table top displays on up to $500,000 for fully customized exhibit booth designs. As your partner, we will consult with you on the best options for your organization.

Banner Stands and Products for Small Events and Budget Needs

For our small products, please check individual pricing on our Banner Stands and Products page.

Fully Customized and Extraordinary Custom Booth Designs

According to Exhibitor Online, the average price for a 20x20 foot custom exhibit booth is $65,000. At Boothster, our booths are spectacular, and generally among the top 2-4 booths you will see at a show. Therefore we charge more. A 20x20 Boothster booth would be more in the area of $70,000. That being said, we are boutique sized, and in some cases able to offer design to a budget. This depends in large part upon our current production load and that client's potential. Please take a look at our innovative booth design ideas.

Our Innovative Budget Booth Design Ideas

Boothster has helped many small companies get started and achieve success through budget minded booth systems, that actually look very custom. Utilizing recycled, non toxic and biodegradable paper tubes as the foundation, we have created some really cool designs. Our budget Booth Designs generally cost about $85-90 per square foot. Check out our budget booth design ideas page.

What About Other Costs at the Trade Show, and General Pricing Info?

Please check out this useful article called Exhibit Budgeting for Dummies.