Bingo Bango Bongo January 29 2021

The Boothologist Takes on Bong Pop Up Store Design

Back in the day, bongs were produced in two ways: 1 Clandestinely by your high school or college's allotted Spicoli in the wood shop after hours. 2 By artisan glass blowers.

The former was always uglier, but more sturdy, and featured materials like PVC pipe, gum, and tinfoil. The later glass versions were gorgeous but inevitably broke quickly by you, or your friend Spicoli. You blamed it on him regardless when the bong water destroyed your mothers expensive rug. Now the world has changed for the better - you can get artisan bongs that are durable, and not fear the wrath of your mom, all because of Canada based Oak and Earth.

Our friends at O and E have professionalized the process with their artfully designed and durable Mahuta Bong.

They state:

The Mahuta is handcrafted in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Salvaged wood from Ontario is used around the neck to highlight the ice-catch. The fusion of wooden accents on functional ceramic pieces make the Mahuta a functional and unique pipe that will complement the homes of modern cannabis consumers.   

Oak and Earth were drawn to Boothster because our shared commitment to #sustainability. Boothster has already gained some traction in the #cannabis industry with several fun projects. More on that in another blog post about the MJ Biz Conference. 

They needed a blast of brand awareness, so we capitalized on their Oak logo by CNC cutting #fsccertified plywood in the shape of the Oak. We used dark wood stain, and our favorite artisan paint product, #MontanaPaints to nail their brand colors. Our foundational material, #papertubes were used to drive home the message of #sustainability. It was a fun, easy to set up retail pop up shop or booth. Here are some photos and renderings of Spicoli, the booth renderings and actual fabricated booth:

Cannabis retail pop up shop booth 1Cannabis retail pop up shop booth 2