Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 February 11 2021

Earlier this year as Covid torpedoed the trade show industry, I began looking for ways to shore up my skills and further my success in digital marketing. I vetted at least a half dozen online programs including some big names such as Columbia University in New York. Far and away the best solution, and value was Target Internet, an educational organization out of the UK that I had never heard of. I came across their podcast and was really impressed. 

I've done several of their courses. Today I received a certificate for completing their 2021 Digital Marketing Trends Phase 1 and am very excited. I'm going to start posting my take aways from their courses. 

There were some jaw dropping stats - like the fact that there are 65 years of content being created on Youtube per day. That boggles the mind. How does your Youtube post compete with that?

Digital Trends January 2021

  • 65 years of content being created on Youtube per day
  • Massive content increasing
  • Social media fragmentation
  • TikTok saw huge growth - including desk top version
  • Top apps worldwide
  • Tik Tok is number one, Zoom #2

Need to understand what combo of SM channels OUR AUDIENCE is using

Huge increases in searchers for “online courses” and “covid” and “trampolines” and “recipes”. Basically stay at home stuff.

This means there are opportunities for marketing created by the market disruption. For example banana bread outpaced drizzle cake search.

Seeing more and more call to actions on social media

  • Interuptice opt ins - when you can’t get in without addressing the optin 
  • Interuptive opt ins will hurt search ranking

Podcasts have increased in popularity

  • Listing websites with podcasts into them
  • High percentage of adults listen to Podcasts

Users 16 to 64 Oct 2020

  • 90 percent watch online videos
  • 53 percent watch vlogs
  • 73 percent listen to music streaming
  • 47 percent listen to online radio stations
  • 43 percent listen to podcasts

Global Internet Users 4.5 billion (most are messenger apps) in order of usage

  1. Facebook
  2. What’sApp
  3. Youtube
  4. Messenger
  5. WeChat
  6. Instagram 
  7. TikTok
  8. Weibo
  9. Ozone
  10. Reddit
  11. Telegram
  12. Snapchat
  13. Pinterest
  14. Twitter
  15. LinkedIn

Expect to see more messenger app advertisements become available

Who creates content:

  • Persona User Journey Based Content
  • Typical approach Taken by Content Creators
  • 43 percent project focused based on internal requests
  • 30 percent persona focused for particular audience
  • 12 percent customer journey focused
  • 14 platform focused for content specific blogs or mostly videos
  • 1 percent other

GA 4 Google Analytics

  • Aims to combine apps and websites into one place
  • Need to update code on website
  • We need to update code concurrently w old analytics code to allow g4 to work out bugs

Buying Instagram followers is not a good idea

VR is rising

  • Augmented reality
  • Interacting with their headset which becomes a computer screen they see in the headset
  • Tech is primitive but growing fast


  • Search behavior is changing a lot - keep an eye on what our target market
  • Don’t use interuptive pop ups
  • Podcasts are growing
  • Messenger platform apps advertising opportunities
  • GA 4 run concurrently w old version
  • Influencer Analysis and analysis
  • Augmented Reality is becoming a thing