Washable Graphics: Yes, It's a Thing February 12 2021

Back in the early days of Boothster we realized straight away that those beautiful dye sublimated, otherwise known as "tension fabric prints" or SEG (silicone edge graphics) can get not-so-beautiful faster than your show labor guy can get his grubby hands on them. I laughed back in 2006 when I was advised to "bring white gloves" to the show and mandate that the show labor guys put them on before installing the $1000s of dollars worth of graphics. But low and behold they totally got it, and still get it. They also don't seem to mind when I bark at them to wash their hands prior to AND DURING installation process if somehow there are no clean gloves around. (hint: ANYTHING can and will get lost on the trade show floor, so be ready for THAT)

There is no moment more cringe worthy than installing dye sub graphics and seeing a big hand print on it AFTER it's installed 20 feet off the ground, by a $700 an hour sign rigger.

So what I'm saying LOUDLY is don't be afraid to bark at show labor to wash their hands and better yet, where white gloves when installing dye sublimated graphics or stretch fabric prints. Don't worry about the bark part. They will respect you more, and it's loud at the trade show - they will understand.

But I'm also going to say right now that we at Boothster fine tuned a process for washing the prints. I'm not kidding. We literally have washed dozens if not hundreds of printed graphics throughout the years. It was one of those things occasionally mentioned, but never proved UNTIL WE PROVED IT. But we recommend having us do it. There's a technique, a type of soap, and a method for drying it. It's not rocket science but it's something we tested and got right before offering to our clients. 

So I guess that is the point of today's blog post. You can wash our printed graphics. Here are some pictures of a freshly washed print:

washable graphic wall 1

washable graphic wall 2

washable graphic 3