Custom Design Off The Shelf February 01 2021

There is a wide gap in pricing and design quality between "custom" designed trade show or retail environments and "off the shelf" or pre made kits. Many companies want to "go big" and go fully custom to make a big splash. Maybe they are big players with huge marketing budgets; or smaller players who want to take a big leap to gain market share. Still other companies chooses to be nimble on their feet, and light on their marketing budget and go with pre made kits. 

The pre made kits are at best clever, highly functional, and allow you to achieve your ROI by doing some awesomely engaging visual communication (graphic design). At worst they are cheaply made, hard to set up, and look kind of cheap.

The custom booth option can often gain maximum ROI; but its not a given that is the best bang for your buck, especially at the big trade shows where you could spend $250k and still not really get noticed. 

As a dual Creative and Business Development Director for Boothster for going on 14 years, we've done both, AND something very interesting and in between. We've developed some pretty awesome solutions that provide a custom look for a much lower price. 

One example is our "Post and Banner" system which features a cool eye beam constructed beam out of FSC certified, or europly plywood that can be stained or painted to match many brand identities. We often make a fully custom sign to give the appearance of custom. We have found that this look has worked well for industries such as Outdoor, Cannabis, Pet, Natural Products, or government.

Another way to see what we have done is by checking out our vertical banners page which has many products you can buy strait away.

Here are some pictures of what we have done in Cannabis and Outdoor with this particular design concept. It can work for retail, trade show, events, and more:

Cannabis Retail or Booth option

Cannabis weathered wood sign for retail or booth

Outdoor booth or retail option

Outdoor bag booth or retail option