Booth Design for Japan Tourism Board December 22 2020

Japan. Endless Discovery. 

This is the tagline of the Japanese Tourism Board. As someone who lived in Japan 4 years, and has been back countless times, I can say this is absolutely true. I literally have not even tried all of the foods! When I was tasked with designing a concept for their portable trade show booth for North America I was both honored, and challenged. I was also nervous because there is no design influence stronger in my DNA than that of Japanese Design. 

From my view as a consumer of Japanese culture, food, sights - basically a tourist - I view Japan as abundantly colorful. I thus chose a very neutral material backdrop that would allow photos and video to stand out. Brown kraft paper tubes finished in a slight sheen to make them surprisingly elegant also read as very socially and environmentally sound. #papertubes are after all #recyclable in most countries, including the United States and Canada where it would be primarily featured at travel and tourism shows.

For a pop of red color, I went with Chroma Eco resin, a 40% recycled and absolutely gorgeous material that when backlit, really pops!

Our design was cut short too soon, due to Covid but we hope to kick start this again one day!

Here are some early renderings, as well as images of some potential materials.