3 Must Does for Writing Effective Titles and Headlines Online February 17 2021

I've been taking classes in digital marketing and it's been very eye opening. I first began researching digital marketing (back then it was called internet marketing) in 2007 and built out a pretty simple strategy that ended up helping me build a kick ass green design company specializing in trade show booths. Boothster. What I'm learning is A LOT. Today it is a massively competitive internet. 

Here are a couple of tips I learned today when I completed the Writing Effective Titles and Headlines. I'll tie them into my industry below.

  1. Grab person's attention. Consider we flit in and out of twitter and all social media forms and it's highly competitive. Be brief with easily absorbed information. Provide a list.
  2. Use words that tie into our SEO strategy. 
  3. Make sure title/headline matches your user's expectation when they get to the page.

In years past I'd go with the uber simple: We Make Green Trade Show Booths. I've used my obvious key words here and that is good. Where I could make this title more engaging would be: 3 Ways to Make Your Booth Green and then in the content, list out the 3 ways with some snappy photos and great copy that is SEO friendly

BTW = got another 100% on this class!

Writing More Effective Headlines and Titles