10 Questions Your Booth Designer Should Ask June 14 2017

Custom Tradeshow Booth Appeal


Of course, you know tradeshows can be big business. You’re a marketer.


And trade shows are still an important part of your marketing mix, even in the age of content. In fact, in the U.S. alone, there are more than 10,000 tradeshows annually that  generate nearly a TRILLION DOLLARS in economic activity, according to a study by the Events Industry Council. While attending the right tradeshow can shin the spotlight on your business for key players in the industry and generate sales; the wrong one can be just another rat-hole of wasted time and resources.


But you’re a super savvy marketer who already knows this—and you’ve carefully handpicked the best tradeshows for the year, your messaging is crisp, the sales team is aligned and the swag is ready to go. 


But what about your exhibition booth designer?


Perhaps worse than picking the wrong tradeshow—attending the right show with the wrong exhibition booth could leave you lost in the crowd or even damage your brand. A bad exhibit booth is especially painful when you consider the vast majority of tradeshow attendees—more than 80% according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR)—have buying authority. It’s like showing up to the Oscars in sweatpants. Sure--they’re cheap; they’re practical. And they send a message. But not the one you want.


Your exhibit is critical to the success of a tradeshow. Whether you realize it or not, both its design and fabrication make statements about your brand. Is your brand a cheap pair of sweatpants? Or Marc Jacobs or Patagonia?


That’s why it’s critical your exhibit designer understands your brand and objectives for a tradeshow. Here’s a list of questions every designer should be asking you to really nail your tradeshow exhibit.


1.    Is this a one-time show/event or a longer-term trade show program?

2.    What are the goals for the trade show program? For example:

    •  Writing orders at show

    •  Build business with existing clients

    •  Get 10 demonstrations per day with new prospects

    •  Launch new product

3.    How big is the trade show space? Is it an island, in line, peninsula configuration or something else?

4.    Does the existing website represent the look and feel of your brand? What other literature, packaging, collateral, etc., represents the brand?

5.    Are there aesthetic elements, even materials that represent the brand?

6.    What are your brand logo(s) and brand guidelines?

7.    What are your Pinterest images or other inspirations?

8.    Do you have photos of old booths? What did/didn’t you like about the old booth(s) as it relates to the goal of this trade show program?

9.    What is your brand/reputation in the context of the trade show and related industries at the conference?

    •  Are you an established brand in need of a refresh?  
    •  Are you a major player who wants a statement booth?  Are you a new brand wanting to stand out?
    •  Are you a hungry startup ready to disrupt the industry?  

10.    What are your needs in terms of shipping, set up, dismantle, booth storage?


Of course, you’ll need the right designer who can actually execute an exhibition booth that captures the essence of your brand.


At Boothster, we push the boundaries of design and sustainability to build exhibition environments that communicate our clients’ values and aspirations. Our sustainable modernist aesthetic uses biodegradable and non-toxic materials to elevate brands and organizations.


Check out our one of our case studies here for example of sustainable modernist design. Naturally, we think it’s pretty neat.


But, regardless of which exhibition designer you select, make sure they ask the right questions to understand your brand. Don’t be sweatpants. Be fabulous. To learn more about how Boothster can help your organization with custom tradeshow booth design, fill out our contact form here!