An Effective Custom Tradeshow Booth Always Utilizes Eye Catching Signage and Displays February 20 2019

At large, busy tradeshows such as the Natural Products Expo, SuperZoo, the Global Pet Expo, the Outdoor Retailer Show or MJBizCon, it can be difficult to catch the attention of tradeshow patrons among the huge variety of promotional signage, messaging and banners. That is why it is essential to make sure your tradeshow booth features eyecatching and compelling imagery that not only clearly conveys your message from a distance but also stands out in a crowded expo.


 Banners and signage are the most visible part of your tradeshow booth


Printed banners, backdrops and signage are the most visible part of any custom tradeshow booth, and are the best way to display your organization’s branding, message and values. In fact, your booth’s signage are often the first thing that a tradeshow visitor will notice about your brand, long before they actually walk up to your booth.  That is why it is vitally important to pay attention to the your tradeshow booth’s messaging and the way your products are presented visually.


 eyecatching banners and signage for custom tradeshow booth design


As a company specializing in custom tradeshow booth design for companies of all sizes, Boothster is proud to offer a wide variety of specialty banner stands, wall displays, booth backdrops, lightboxes, banners, tabletop displays and even fully printable Banova wood, Precorr Cardboard and Fiberboard walls and booth components that will help your company catch eyeballs and convey your messaging in a clear, compelling and aesthetically pleasing way!


 The Eco Rolla and Bamboo Tradeshow Banner Stands


From our Notched Card Booth Design System, to our Reclaimed Wood Lightboxes, Banner Stands and Wall Displays, the custom tradeshow booth of your dreams is specially designed, fabricated and printed to stand out and get attention in busy tradeshows, by our experienced local staff here in Portland, OR!

 custom designed reclaimed wood lightbox displays for eyecatching booth design


The next tradeshow is coming up soon, but luckily companies and organizations of any size can take advantage of banner and display products that ship as fast as 5 days after receiving art! For more information about how Boothster and the Boothologist can help your organization with effective, eyecatching tradeshow signage, give us a call or fill out our contact form today!