Boothster Proud to Work with FITera and FitFreeze Ice Cream on their Eco Friendly Tradeshow Banner Stands! October 21 2017

FITera is a dynamic nutrition, dieting, health food company and online fitness community that helps thousands of people in 130 countries lose fat, get fit and be healthy! FITera offers the “Fast Track to Fat Loss” a comprehensive weight program including personal coaching, healthy recipes, daily planners and delicious diet foods that help people improve their health by improving the foods they eat, their activity level and lifestyle!   One of the new delicious diet products they have released is the FitFreeze brand of nutritional, protein packed ice cream. 


FitFreeze Healthy Ice Cream


As a company that is devoted to helping people through personal responsibility and personal empowerment, FITera believes in a holistic approach to fitness and health that goes all the way through to their design choices for eco friendly expo booth design and sustainable tradeshow display banner stands!  They were thrilled to learn about our eco friendly portable display options and chose to show their commitment to sustainable business practices by using the Eco Rolla vertical banner stand and bamboo table top stand for their custom tradeshow display design.


Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand for FitFreeze


In addition to being the most eco friendly banner stand in the world, the Eco Rolla is also made with biodegradable materials like wood and FSC certified banner materials. Fitera especially liked the fact that our banner printing material is non toxic, and recycle bin friendly!  To learn more about how the Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand is perfect for your organization, visit or!


And, by the way, be sure to ask us about the FREE Bamboo Tabletop Display when you buy one Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand or Tradeshow Table Runner! 

Recylable Banner