Boothster proud to work with Pacifica Beauty on their recent custom tradeshow booth at Natural Products Expo West May 14 2017

Pacifica Beauty has become known as one of the most innovative, creative natural beauty brands on the market with a full range of innovative, safe, and sustainable cosmetics, perfumes and skin care. Working with companies who emphasize natural and sustainable business practices is what Boothster is all about and we are proud to have worked with Pacifica Beauty on their recent custom tradeshow booth design at Natural Products Expo West!

Pacifica Beauty Custom Tradeshow Booth Design by Boothster

The challenge of this project was to “Design an ethereal, fantasy like experience... oh and come up with a concept for a unicorn..." Creatively, this project was one of the more fun ones in recent memory.

Custom Tradeshow Booth Design at NPEW


Our stellar team put our own spin on the iconic yet often campy Unicorn people are used to seeing by using CNC technology, Pacifica brand colors and an ultra light FSC certified wood product we recently discovered and have now integrated into our repertoire. FSC certified plywood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as a responsibly harvested timber product, which helps to support healthy, sustainable forests!

Sustainable Tradeshow Booth Design

Booth design by Turn Design and Boothster. Detailing by Fletcher Visual.