Brazi Bites Brazilian Cheese Breads to Exhibit at Natural Products Expo East with Custom Tradeshow Booth Design September 11 2019

Tradeshow Booth Design for Brazi Bites Cheesebreads

Brazi Bites are a tasty brand of all natural, gluten free and delicious Brazilian cheese breads that are made from an authentic family recipe with simple wholesome ingredients. After appearing on the popular television show "Shark Tank" last year, the founders of Brazi Bites have been realizing their dream to share Brazilian cheese bread across the nation with millions of hungry Americans. Following their appearance on Shark Tank, their distribution has grown to over 7,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada, and their revenue has grown exponentially in only 2 years! The Boothologist is proud to work with these amazing entrepreneurs on eye-catching, functional and effective tradeshow booth designs that promote the brand, spread their message and allow cheese bread lovers everywhere to try delicious, hot Brazi Bites!


Food Industry Tradeshow Booth for Brazi Bites Cheesebreads


The Boothster Team frequently works with food industry tradeshow exhibitors of all sizes. One of our most common booth required by clients is to create a kitchen-like atmosphere with highly functional sampling tables arranged to facilitate the movement of patrons through the booth. "Move 'em in and move 'em out!" is often a request from our clients. What that means functionally is that the trade show attendees have a quick and fantastic experience with the brand and then move out. With a properly trained booth staff, clients are able to efficiently triage real sales prospects as they nibble on their delectable sample. They then nudge them through the booth to experience the brand more.


kitchen style tradeshow booth for Brazi Bites


In order to facilitate the easy movement of patrons, the Brazi Bites booth was designed with a counter which directs visitors into an area with small meeting tables. Behind the tables are well thought out work spaces including ovens that allow the skilled Brazi team-members to quickly get more fresh, hot batches of Brazilian cheese bread onto the tables for curious and hungry tradeshow patrons!



This booth was designed with basic kitchen functionality and a short countertop that provided a full view of the delicious cheese breads being prepared by the Brazi Bites team. The layout of this booth is intended to allow patrons to see, smell and taste Brazi Bites Cheese Breads, while demonstrating exactly how easy they are to prepare! If you are going to be in the Baltimore area September 11 through the 14th, be sure to stop by and visit the good folks of Brazi Bites at Natural Products Expo East in booth #8604!



Each custom trade show booth design the Boothologist creates is specifically designed to help your organization achieve it's aesthetic and marketing goals. Boothster also offers maintenance and repair services for all our custom designed booths, to keep them fresh, new and looking at good as the day they were built!


 tradeshow booth repair and maintenance


Whether you are just interested in free-standing, light-weight tradeshow displays or want to talk about a full size, custom built lightweight booth design using the materials of your choice, give us a call or fill out our contact form today to learn more about how Boothster can help your company or organization prepare for the next major specialty foods expo!