Businesses in the Growing Cannabis Industry are Showing Their Commitment to Sustainable Tradeshow Booth Design February 09 2018

For businesses or organizations of all types, industry trade shows are great places to gain knowledge about your industry, get exposure to new trends, generate leads and learn about the competition. Especially in the exciting and dynamically growing cannabis industry, tradeshow conferences are essential opportunities to get exposure for your brand and present your offerings to thousands of potentially interested customers!  The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and is projected to create more jobs than manufacturing by the year 2020! As the number of producers and consumers of cannabis related products and services continues to expand, cannabis industry tradeshows will continue to gain exhibitors and visitors! Some of the largest upcoming cannabis industry tradeshows include CannaCon in Seattle, the Cannabis Collaborative Conference in Portland and the Marijuana Business Conference with dates in Las Vegas, Toronto and New Orleans.


Custom Tradeshow Booth Design for Cannabis Tradeshows


Just like any industry, cannabis tradeshows are great opportunities for entrepreneurs to not only present their organization’s offerings, but also to present their mission, goals and values to the public! These values are not only conveyed to tradeshow visitors through a combination of branding, marketing and signage, they are also conveyed to the audience through your choice of tradeshow booth design practices and booth construction materials.  One example of a growing cannabis business interested in showing their commitment to sustainable tradeshow booth design is Odyssey Cannabis Company. An essential part of promoting Odyssey’s mission is to use the proper signage and tradeshow banner stands to convey their message about green, sustainable cannabis production. That is why they chose Boothster to help design and manufacture their tradeshow booth using the famous “Eco Rolla” Recyclable Banner Stands. Boothster’s history of outstanding green tradeshow booth design and the sustainable, reusable nature of the “Eco Rolla” made them a natural fit for Odyssey’s brand and message.


Ecofriendly Tradeshow Booth Design for Cannabis Tradeshows


For cannabis trade organizations and cannabis companies of all sizes that that are interested in utilizing green, recyclable materials for their custom tradeshow booths or vertical banner stands, Boothster and Recyclable Banners Co are proud to offer a wide array of recyclable banner stands  and ecofriendly tradeshow booth design solutions!


Recyclable Tradeshow Banner Stands for Cannabis Tradeshows


The custom tradeshow booth design process can be time consuming and tradeshow season is quickly approaching! Companies and organizations of any size can take advantage of our unique, cool and eco-friendly display products that can ship as fast as 5 days after receiving art! To learn more about how Boothster and Recyclable Banners Co can help your organization with sustainable cannabis tradeshow booth design, give us a call or fill out our contact form today