Easy Set Up is Key for Tradeshow Banner Stands and Booth Designs October 06 2017

When working with corporations, government agencies and organizations of all sizes on their tradeshow booth designs, there is one common problem that they all share. The difficulty and time required for tradeshow booth set up can be a daunting challenge for an organization of any size. Depending on the size and complexity of your tradeshow exhibit, it can take hours to set it up correctly.

 Eco Rolla Tradeshow Banner Stand


Fortunately, the Eco Rolla Vertical Tradeshow Banner Stand is arguably the easiest banner stand in the world to set up. No need to fuss with internal spring mechanisms that often break in typical aluminum banner stands. The Eco Rolla sets up in minutes or less! When time is an issue, the Eco Rolla Banner Stand's easy setup can help you save precious minutes and have your brand and messaging up in no time! 


Eco Rolla Easy Setup 

The Eco Rolla comes in a durable nylon bag with a shoulder strap, and only weighs in at 15 lbs. Not bad for a very large and substantial display!  Any time you want to replace the banners, it's easy. Just call us! we are proud to use recyclable latex saturated wet strength durable paper in our tradeshow banner stands and signage.  Specifically Boothster uses a bright, white cellulose based, latex saturated print media whose key benefits include strength, durability, flexibility and the ability to fold without the display image cracking.

  Eco Rolla is easy to set up


In addition to being the quickest and easiest vertical tradeshow banner stand to set up, the Eco Rolla is also made with biodegradable materials like wood and FSC certified banner materials. The Eco Rolla is the most eco friendly banner stand in the world! To learn more about how the Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand is perfect for your organization, visit RecyclableBanners.com or Boothster.com!