Explore Our Booth Design Options with Boothster's New Promotional Catalogs! November 23 2018

In preparation for the holiday and tradeshow season, the Boothologist has released the latest promotional catalogs highlighting some of our latest projects and the new booth design systems used to build them! These Boothster catalogs give an overview on each of our new booth design systems and provide numerous examples of their benefits and recent successful tradeshow booth design projects!


The Notched Card Booth Design System

Our new Notched Card Tradeshow Booth Building Package is made of 100% recyclable materials such as recycled office paper and utilizes a printable and interlocking card system that enables clients to design and build their own original tradeshow booths that are limited only by their imagination! Not only does this super cool modular booth building package allow you to build the creative tradeshow display of your dreams, it also doesn’t hurt the pocketbook when compared to typical booth kits.


Notched Card Tradeshow Booth Design Catalog



The Paper Tube Booth Design System

Our Paper Tube Booth Building System is an elegant, biodegradable and functional way to design and build custom tradeshow booths that are highly modular! Our recyclable tube components are incredibly strong and are durable enough to use for product displays, booth structural columns, furniture and even seating! We have a wide variety of wooden fixtures that can be attached to accommodate shelves, displays, signage, banners, TV screens and anything you can think of! 

Recyclable Paper Tube Tradeshow Booth Design Catalog



The Post and Banner Booth Design System

Our Post and Banner Tradeshow Booth Design System aligns warm woods and recyclable banners for a relatively light booth that feels substantial and meets most budgets! These unique tradeshow booths are built with structural posts built out of cellulose fiberboard that support numerous wall sections that can be arranged to accommodate any configuration or size of tradeshow space! The “walls” of these booths are composed of our famous recyclable banners which are perfect for all sizes of backdrops and save lots of money in material shipping and handling!


Post and Banner Tradeshow Booth Design Catalog



Tradeshow Booth Design Catalogs

Notched Card Booth Design System Catalog

Recyclable Paper Tube Booth Design System Catalog

Post and Banner Tradeshow Booth Design System Catalog


To learn more about how the Notched Card System, the Paper Tube System or the Post and Banner System can solve your organization's booth design needs, check out our new catalogs, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!