Green Tradeshow Booth Design Materials Smackdown September 07 2017

Boothster prides itself on offering sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for tradeshow booth and design materials. A couple examples of commonly overlooked sustainable materials in tradeshow booths, exhibits and portable displays include booth carpeting and printable signage or banners as shown below.


Recyclable Materials in Custom Tradeshow Booth Design

One of the trade show booth construction materials that is most commonly overlooked when considering ecofriendly booth design is carpeting. Most traditional carpeting is manufactured using toxic chemicals and is typically also full of various volatile organic compounds that emit odors and pollutants. However, the carpet made from recycled soda bottles is manufactured using fewer chemicals in the dying process and less energy overall, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional carpet. Also, Pop Bottle or PET carpet is typically available for prices comparable to normal carpet and is definitely a more environmentally friendly carpeting option for your booth or exhibit.


Recycled Pop Bottle Carpets used in sustainable tradeshow booth design

Another commonly overlooked sustainable tradeshow booth design material is the printable banner material featured in tradeshow banners, vertical banner stands and promotional signage.  Most printable banner material is vinyl based, which makes it neither eco-friendly or recyclable.  In fact, vinyl often contains various toxic compounds such as dioxins which pose serious risks to humans and the environment. As an alternative to vinyl based printable banner material, Boothster is proud to use a durable paper based banner material with latex print.  This option is great for full color digital printing and is at least 90% biodegradable, making it a much better material choice for an ecofriendly tradeshow booth or exhibit.  Also, paper based printable banner material is typically available for prices similar to traditional vinyl based banners from sites that specialize in recyclable banners and banner stands

Recyclable and Biodegradable Printable Banner Materials

In sustainable tradeshow booth design, Boothster believes “when you can do green, you should do green”. For most eco-friendly tradeshow booth design materials you usually don’t have to spend more money, but even if you do, doing our part to use sustainable materials and building practices in our booth design and construction makes it all worth it in the end!