Hidden Textures in Booth Design August 08 2016

Texture is typically the most overlooked element in a booth design. Many people don't notice it on a conscious level. They even dismiss it as being unimportant, focusing more on more viscerally noticeable elements like lighting, graphic design, or use of color contrast. All of these items are important. But don't ignore texture. Why? First of all most booth companies ignore it and offer flat, cold textures of aluminum and shiny plastic graphics. So to consider and use texture is an immediate differentiation point from the competition. Secondly, a softer, more layered texture palette naturally warms people to the environment and thus, the brand. Third, this warm, comfy vibe serves to make people feel more comfortable - which is exactly what you want. Here are some photos of some textures from our shop recently.

booth design texture 2booth design texture 4booth design texture 3