Incorporating your Brand's Aesthetic into Custom Tradeshow Booth Design November 24 2017

Boothster is privileged to work with a variety of eco-conscious businesses and government organizations giving us the opportunity to design custom tradeshow booths using a large selection of exciting artistic tastes and imaginative interior design styles.


Award Winning Tradeshow Booth Design

From a "Fancy Farm House" aesthetic using reclaimed wood and rustic finishes in our award winning custom tradeshow booth designs for Dr. Praegers and GoMacro, to artisanal and Japanese aesthetic, or more modern, sleek designs for companies with a more contemporary or hipster feel, Boothster has shown that it is possible to design and build sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable tradeshow banner stands for your organization regardless of the booth design aesthetic required by your brand. Boothster specializes in working with companies to design tradeshow booths that display your brand's unique identity, while also conveying your company's commitment to sustainability and ecofriendly business practices!


Eco Friendly Custom Tradeshow Booth Design

Example of Tradeshow Booth with an Artisan/Hipster Aesthetic
If you've been to Brooklyn or Portland Oregon you've undoubtedly encountered the design and fashion aesthetic of "artisan hipster". Think of coffee shops, restaurants and bars in the "hipster" neighborhoods in these cities and you'll see common themes. There's generally a rawness to it. Weathered wood; weathered paint finishes. Often a lot of wood with interesting grain. There's also a real "old timey" feel to it from bygone eras, primarily the 1890s. Old maps, reclaimed odd ball machinery is often used. Old picture frames. All these design elements can be utilized to convey a specific aesthetic in custom tradeshow booth design. The Boothologist and Boothster had an opportunity recently to work with The Meatball Shop, a prominent restaurant chain in New York City to integrate the look into their booth space. Check out this design mock up that we did for them.


Custom Tradeshow Booth Design with custom aesthetic

Example of a tradeshow booth with Japanese design aesthetic
Condensing Japanese design into one tradeshow booth is a bit difficult because there are so many Japanese styles of design: Edo Period; Farm; Modernist to name a few. We recently had the opportunity to work with Modern Alkeme, the company producing an awesome new detoxifying elixir drink based on a recipe from Japan. Their logo features the ubiquitous red dot from the Japanese flag, so we had fun making that out of eco resin, back lit in LED. We also integrated Japanese wood burning technique called Shou Sugi Ban. Shou Sugi Ban is a neat process going back thousands of years that preserves wood and keeps pests away by burning the face of the wood. It was also a great way to customize the booth design using authentic Japanese processes.


Moderne Alkeme Custom Tradeshow Booth Design with Japanese Aesthetic

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