It’s not too early to start designing your custom ecofriendly tradeshow booth for the Outdoor Retailer Show! January 03 2019

Since 1982, the Outdoor Retailer show is the world’s leading business-to-business outdoor sports show where industry brands, retailers, reps, suppliers and leaders gather. The types of businesses represented at the Outdoor Retailer show encompass a wide range of different retailers. From Adventure Travel, Backpacking, Climbing, Snowboarding and Mountaineering to Fishing, Nutrition, Pet Products, Surf, Skate and Endurance Sports; the Outdoor Retailer show draws thousands of visitors and potential customers from all types of lifestyles!

tradeshow booth design for the outdoor retailer show Images courtesy of Outdoor Retailer Show


For any businesses serious about promoting their brand in these popular industries, this type of tradeshow is a must-attend event. From writing new orders to finding new accounts, launching new brands and making new connections, tradeshows like this one are where the action happens. With the conferences, training sessions, leadership seminars and educational opportunities, the show is a great opportunity to get your name out there.


custom tradeshow booth design for the outdoor retailer show


The Boothologist specializes in unique, cool and different looking booths that are strategically designed to increase your ROI at tradeshows like Outdoor Retailer! Your success is ours! If you do great at your trade show, chances are you will come back to us again! How do we work, you may ask?


Asking the Boothologist top questions about custom tradeshow booths



Here's a set of questions we typically ask to get the ball rolling with your trade show!

1. Is this a one off show/event or a longer term trade show program? Boothster has designed and built eye-catching booths customized for one-time use, or designed using our Modular Booth Design Systems to simplify re-use and minimize shipping costs!


2. What are the goals, for the trade show program? Are you looking to write new orders at the show? Build business with existing clients? Get 10 demonstrations per day with new prospects or launch a new product? We have experience building booths focusing on all different types of tradeshow business goals!


3. How big is the trade show space? Is it an island, in line, or peninsula configuration or neither? Boothster is proud to have designed award-winning tradeshow booths of all sizes, orientations and configurations. Whether you are starting out in a small space or a large one, Boothster has a booth solution for your needs.


4. Does your existing website represent the look and feel of the brand you want moving forward? What other literature/packaging, etc represents the brand?


5. Do you have photos of the old booth? Are there positives and negatives of this booth as it relates to the goal of the trade show program?


6. Where is the company in brand ID/reputation in the context of the trade show and industries we are exhibiting for? Is it a longstanding company that needs a big refresh in front of the industry? Is it a big player that has never had a booth true to it's real presence in the industry? Is it a new brand wanting to stand out? Do we want to look like a hungry start up or an established player ready to dominate the industry?


7. What are the expectations/goals/questions in terms of shipping, set up, dismantle, booth storage? The logistics of booth transportation are a big part of what Boothster does. From custom built shipping crates to light-weight modular booth elements that minimize costs, Boothster has transportation solutions for any budget!


8. Are there aesthetic elements, even materials that represent the brand? Boothster specializes in working with companies to design tradeshow booths that display your brand's unique identity!


9. If you have Pinterest images, or any other inspirations please send them our way!


10. If we decide to work together, please provide your brand logo(s) and brand guidelines.


Since 2007 the Boothologist has been on the cutting edge of innovative, sustainable tradeshow booth designs and construction. From small businesses to large companies and government organizations, Boothster is proud to be known for our award winning tradeshow booths that not only reduce the amount of material going into garbage landfills but also help organizations of all sizes realize low impact, sustainable tradeshow exhibit programs that are creative, eyecatching, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly!

ecofriendly tradeshow booth design for the outdoor retailer show


The custom tradeshow booth design process can be time consuming and your next industry tradeshow is quickly approaching! Companies and organizations of any size can take advantage of our new modular booth design systems and our eco-friendly display products that can ship as fast as 5 days after receiving art! For more information about how Boothster or Recyclable Banners Co can help your organization exhibit at the Outdoor Retailer Show or any other upcoming tradeshow, conference or expo, give us a call or fill out our contact form today!