Michel de France Makes A Statement At Fancy Foods Show With Lightweight Booth While Saving A LOT on Material Handling January 16 2019

The food and beverage industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in America, with over 127 Billion dollars of sales in 2017, according to the Specialty Food Association. The Fancy Foods Show is one of the country's largest tradeshows and premier showcase for innovation in the food and beverage industry. For exhibitors looking to gain exposure in this dynamic and growing industry, the Fancy Foods Show is a great opportunity to connect with 2,400 exhibitors from 50 countries & regions!


lightweight tradeshow booth design for the Fancy Foods Show


Michel de France is a family owned crepe and wafer manufacturer. Since 1985 they have offered their tasteful and healthy crepes, wraps and wafers. All their ingredients are carefully selected, sourced from Non-GMO ingredients, are all natural and contain no preservatives. Their work ethic has remained the same over the past three decades: "use simple ingredients for quality products". Innovation is also a key component of their success. Their product line of wraps offer healthy alternatives to bread or tortillas with low carbs and calories!  It is their commitment to healthy ingredients and business innovation that made Boothster proud to work with them on their new lightweight tradeshow booth design for the Fancy Foods Show! 


Lightweight Tradeshow Booth Construction for Michel de France at the Fancy Foods Show


Michel de France wanted to create a playful, stand out booth that looked like a French bakery - but it had to mostly fit in plastic wheeled cases for shipping! We utilized washable (yes you read that right) stretch fabric prints which sleeve onto snap together aluminum tubing. It was this customized "stretch fabric booth" concept that saved them tons on real money on material handling, for every trade show.


ecofriendly tradeshow booth design for Michel de France at the Fancy Foods Show


If your company attends industry tradeshows as part of business and you rely on your trade show booth program as a key driver to sales and relationships with your buyers, you already understand the challenge with booth transportation and material handling. It costs a ton! The challenge is often in how do you create a robust and full booth display, for the lightest possible weight? A 10x20 booth made out of hard walls literally could weigh 3000-5000 pounds; and cost $3000-4000 just to get it from the dock of the convention center to your booth, in some cases a distance of only 20 yards! Why so expensive? Because the general contractors charge a formula based on weight! What if you build a booth that only weighs 1000 lbs? Then it would only cost $600-800 for material handling and a lot less to ship!

Due to the fact that the Fancy Foods Show is one of the busiest tradeshows in America, it was important to design their booth with an open floor-plan that could accommodate multiple booth visitors at once. The floorspace and table allows visitors to stand or sit comfortably while trying samples or conversing with company representatives.


sustainable tradeshow booth design for Fancy Foods Show


Our stretch fabric booths are so light that they save our clients a lot of money each show in material handling. What's more, they are washable. But be aware - they do take finger prints so keep your hand clean when assembling! Ironically, it's rare we ever have to wash them because we and are clients are very careful. But it does come up. The best way is to take them to a dry cleaner with a big washing machine. Wash cold and hang to dry!

 The custom shelving for Michel de France was also designed to emphasize the product displays positioned in each section. Additionally, the modular format and light weight of this tradeshow booth means it can be simply deconstructed, cost-effectively shipped and easily put back together again for this company’s next tradeshow appearance!


product placement in custom tradeshow booth for Fancy Foods


Whether you are just interested in free-standing, light-weight tradeshow displays or want to talk about a full size, custom built lightweight booth design, to learn more about how Boothster can help your company or organization prepare for expos like the Fancy Foods Show, give us a call or fill out our contact form today!