Of Unicorns and Ethereal Booth Dreams August 21 2017

It's not often these days, even in the natural products sector, to have the opportunity to work with wildly creative clients. The natural products industry at one time was, as a colleague hilariously described it to me over drinks, "a bunch of hippies." Today it's more about investors, venture capital money and corporate buy outs. So, when I was approached by the original owners of Pacifica Beauty, I was struck at how pure, and wildly creative they had remained, having managed their tiny cosmetics company into arguably one of the most longstanding, maybe even hottest natural brands out there.


Pacifica Beauty Custom Tradeshow Booth Design for Natural Products Expo East

Pacifica Beauty has become known as one of the most innovative, creative natural beauty brands on the market with a full range of innovative, safe, and sustainable cosmetics, perfumes and skin care. Their brand is recently becoming so hot that "typical" cosmetics brands are literally copying them just to catch up! However, many of these competitors are failing where Pacifica is succeeding, big time, and not selling out their commitment to environmental sustainability! Frankly, I love their brand, and I love working with them as clients. Honestly, as a designer how often are you called upon to design a Unicorn? Well once, at least, in my lifetime. Working with companies who emphasize natural and sustainable business practices is what Boothster is all about and we are proud to be working with Pacifica Beauty on their upcoming custom tradeshow booth design for the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore,MD!

Boothster and Pacifica Beauty Custom Tradeshow Booth Design

Their custom tradeshow booth design features crazy string art, canopies, high resolution model photos, and yes Unicorns. This booth design required a lot of creativity and I literally sketched the cool gold archway on Valentines day after our first arch got the hatchet. This brand is on point and truly natural. I mean I just can dig on their packaging, which makes the experience fun. I also really got into learning about make up and how it's applied and used. I have just stared in awe at beautiful women all my life, not having a clue as to how they put it all together.


Boothster Custom Tradeshow Booth Design for Pacifica Beauty

To learn more about Pacifica Beauty, check out their website here!

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