Recyclable Tradeshow Booth Design for Isik Tarim Organics and Happy Village April 04 2018

Boothster designs custom, ecofriendly tradeshow booths for companies and organizations from around the world and we were pleasantly surprised to have been contacted by a client all the way from Turkey (the country)! Isik Tarim Organics offers down right delectable frozen fruits and nuts; dried fruits and nuts that are USDA Organic and certified Canadian Organic. They are the leading manufacturer, packer and exporter of organic dried fruits and nuts in İzmir, Turkey and export to more than 30 different countries including Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada and USA. As one of the first Turkish companies to distribute organic products they hold food safety and organic certifications in numerous countries including DEMETER (Biodynamic), BIO SUISSE (Switzerland), JAS (Japan), NOP (USA) and EU Organic certificates with the BRC Quality Management System.


custom tradeshow booth design for isik organics


As part of their ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices and community empowerment, Isik’s brand Happy Village works to educate rural farmers, spread the word about organic agriculture and train farmers who are willing to learn about organic farming. Isik’s Happy Village Project now works with over 3,000-registered farmers, cultivating more than 11,000 hectares of land in more than 150 villages throughout rural Turkey!


recyclable tradeshow booth design for isik organics

We had the pleasure of working with their Texas based team on developing this clever adaptation of the Boothster "Post and Banner" concept. The Post and Banner booth design process utilizes modular tradeshow booth construction that combines recyclable components, biodegradable paper tubes and ecofriendly banner materials.

recyclable tradeshow booth design for isik organics

Additionally, the sign boards and structural supports are printed and cut on FSC certified plywood. The wood used for this project was high-quality light plywood produced from balsa trees grown in FSC certified groves! Here is a rendering of the finished 100% recyclable tradeshow booth design.


recyclable tradeshow booth design for isik organics

The booth also features a handy crate/displayer that functions as a shipper and retail merchandiser. Whats cool about the crate is that it is right there at the end of the show. You don't have to worry about waiting for your crates!


FSC certified wood tradeshow booth design


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