Take a walk with the Boothologist around the USFS tradeshow booth at the IUFRO World Congress in Seoul November 03 2017

In this video segment from the United States Forest Service tradeshow exhibit at the IUFRO World Congress in Seoul, Korea, the Boothologist introduces some of the concepts, construction and eco friendly materials involved with sustainable tradeshow booth design. By selecting tradeshow booth design elements with the entire life cycle of the construction material in mind, it is possible to create tradeshow booths that are both engaging and environmentally friendly. As the Boothologist explains, it is also worthwhile to save money on storage and transportation costs after a tradeshow by simply recycling everything!


Award Winning Eco Friendly Tradeshow Booth Design

As the Boothologist takes you on a tour of the United States Forest Service tradeshow booth, you will see many different examples of recyclable custom tradeshow booth elements such as a main reception counter and film projector base made out of reclaimed wood, recycleplex panels and shipping container tubes used as central structural columns.


Custom Eco Friendly Tradeshow Booth Design  

In addition to the main custom tradeshow booth structure, there are numerous other eco-friendly seating and display elements such as the 100% recyclable tradeshow stools, brochure holders and display banners created out of bamboo fiber material, which at the end of their lifecycle are actually converted into grocery store totes used by consumers in the Portland Metro Area! 


Custom Tradeshow Booth Design Materials


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