The Boothologist Releases Updated Pricing For Tradeshow Season! November 08 2018

Boothster is a green tradeshow booth display company that provides ecofriendly booths and expo designs for natural products companies and government organizations of all sizes. Offering a unique blend of high concept booth design ideas, custom tradeshow booth design and fabrication, Boothster has provided exceptional results for a vast array of socially responsible organizations.


custom tradeshow booth pricing


We view our relationship with our clients as a partnership. In that capacity, The Boothologist is happy to consult with you and work out the best solution and budget for your needs. We will assess the position your company is in, the message you are trying to convey, and where you want to go with your booth design. Are you an established, large organization that has a large trade show program, and needs lean, cost effective but clever displays to stretch across a finite budget? Are you a new, game changing brand financially positioned to make a big splash in an established industry? Are you a boot strapped, “mom and pop” organization that needs something special, but for a budget, to launch you to the next level? We have done it all here at Boothster and are eager to help you in any capacity we can!


custom tradeshow booth pricing

Whether your organization seeks to “go big” and make a eyecatching impact with a full sized custom tradeshow booth; or you need more of a “lean” presence (yet still clever and creative), Boothster is a great choice. We divide our projects in two categories, Custom and Budget. The per square foot costs below include design, design detailing, project management, fabrication, crating, flooring. Shipping, on site set up/dismantle are not included in these per square foot parameters.


custom tradeshow booth pricing by the boothologist

The Boothster team has decades of experience building exhibits worldwide, and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Portland has a thriving exhibit, trade show and retail environments building community; not to mention a thriving artisan “maker” scene. We leverage this abundance of resources by sub-contracting the major components of each project, and doing in house fabrication, assembly and packing.


custom tradeshow booth pricing design and construction


Boothster's award winning custom tradeshow booths have provided exceptional results for organizations in almost every industry. From the Food & Beverage Industry to the Pet Industry, Baby Products, Software and World Expos, Boothster provides eco friendly booths and expo designs that will get your organization noticed!


Booth Services
Pricing Estimates
3D Rendering Using Existing Boothster Booth Design
3D Custom Concept with Sr Designer
Conceptual 3D or Graphic Design per hour
Design Development per hour
Project Management per hour
Shop Fabrication per hour
Print Production Design
Recyclable Banner Material per square foot
Dye Sub Print Material per square foot
Complete booths - Budget per square foot
Complete booths - Custom per square foot
Plastic Crates
Wood Crates
On Site Set Up Supervision Per Person


Booth Storage
Storage Estimates
Large Crates
Flooring Rolls
Load In / Load Out Per Crate
Crate Repairs
Time / Materials
30% Mark Up