The Boothologist Speaks About the Value of Sustainable Tradeshow Booth Design July 19 2018

Eleven years ago, after seeing how most custom designed tradeshow booths ended up in the landfill, the Boothologist had a vision of how ecofriendly tradeshow booth design could change an industry that is is one of the most wasteful in the world. The Boothologist was stunned to see all of these great tradeshow booths going into a landfill after all the wonderful creativity that went into each one. That is what drove him to start a business that would not only reduce the amount of material going into garbage landfills but also help organizations of all sizes realize low impact, sustainable tradeshow exhibit programs that could be creative, eyecatching, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable!

John Paull Davidson speaks about sustainable tradeshow booth design

In this exclusive interview with the Boothologist, he explains how Boothster was started, the important niche that it fills in a wasteful industry and how any organization can save money and improve their company’s message by adopting green booth design into their next tradeshow exhibit.


the Boothologist speaks about ecofriendly tradeshow booth design

Many organizations want to do the right thing with exhibiting and use sustainable materials to convey their company’s message and values with their tradeshow booth. They just don’t know what ecofriendly options are out there for tradeshow booth design such as lightweight cardboard construction, use of reusable materials such as reclaimed wood and new printing technologies like recyclable latex inks. Any organization’s tradeshow exhibit can be made using ecofriendly design materials and sustainable practices, it just takes a little effort and can actually save a lot of money in shipping and storage costs!




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