The Eco Rolla Tradeshow Banner Stand is Great for Organizations of All Sizes September 29 2017

Throughout the custom tradeshow booth design process, Boothster often works with talented branding, marketing and creative agencies such as Able Sage LLC on building custom tradeshow booths for organizations like Legacy Health and events like the Portland Fashion Week.  Able Sage is a Portland based, "jack of all trades" that has been providing a wide range of signage, marketing services and graphic design strategy to anything that can be printed under the sun, check them out here!  For creative agencies who work with clients of all different sizes, the Eco Rolla Vertical Tradeshow Banner Stand is a perfect way to display promotional messaging or branding using sustainable and eco friendly materials. 


The Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand is Perfect for Organizations of All Sizes


One of the reasons that the Eco Rolla is so attractive to Able Sage and their clients is because it is the only eco friendly alternative to typical boring banner stands! For organizations like Legacy Health or the Portland Fashion Week, the Eco Rolla is a cost effective way to utilize environmentally friendly booth design materials and signage, and it also features cool design details that are well, fashionable. That's why Portland Fashion Week chose the Eco Rolla for their in-house directional signage throughout their show.

 Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand at Portland Fashion Week


Legacy Health is also one of Able Sage's clients and we love it when large organizations like Legacy make strides to adopt eco friendly and sustainable business practices. One way any organization can show their commitment to sustainability is through their choice of banner stands, promotional signage, banners and tradeshow booth design materials.  Legacy Health has used our Eco Rolla vertical banner stand for years which is made from biodegradable materials as well as our bamboo mini table top banner stand, which is also made of bamboo. 


Eco Rolla Banner Stands for Legacy Health


The Eco Rolla Vertical Tradeshow Banner Stand is a perfect eco friendly banner stand solution for all types of tradeshows, corporate events or exhibition use, including indoor point-of-purchase displays and temporary outdoor displays! To learn more about how the Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand is perfect for your organization, visit or!