Tradeshow Booth Design for Government Organizations July 08 2017

What we’ve found in designing for government agencies over the past 8 years is that there’s always an aspirational story there. People in public service are really are fighting the good fight in the name of social responsibility and sustainability and that’s the story we tell in every booth we design.

 Tradeshow Booth Design for Government Agencies


At Boothster, our philosophy is that design and the aesthetic of specific sustainable materials have the ability to celebrate positive action; and inspire our future. We use materials that are visually beautiful, sustainable and biodegradable. We are, bar none, the most sustainable portable display company in the world. Our designs are works of art that engage attendees, and are a catalyst for conversation and sharing of ideas.

 Boothster Custom Tradeshow Booth Design for Government Agencies


Boothster specializes in creating aspirational spaces for socially responsible, healthy and sustainable organizations. We are a subcontractor of Nichols and Associates, a GSA schedule holder. To learn more about how Boothster can help your government organization with custom tradeshow booth design give us a call or fill out our contact form today!