Vertical Banner Stand for Recork August 29 2016

One of our ongoing clients is Sole Footwear. They started a program called Re-Cork. We produced an Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand for them. Here is a description of what Recork is all about:

"Part of growing a business responsibly is diminishing the impact our actions have on the environment," says CEO Mike Baker. "We are thrilled to pioneer cork recycling because cork is such an amazing, natural raw material with benefits that extend beyond bottle stoppers."

ReCORK is an alliance of individuals and businesses working together to collect and recycle natural corks. With roughly 3,000 drop-off locations, more than 8,000 new cork trees planted, and over 70 million natural corks collected, we are off to a great start. ReCORK aims to be a point of interaction for education around cork recycling and sustainability.

With billions more natural corks to recycle every year, we need your help to continue to grow the program. Please join the ReCORK movement and make a positive impact with recycled cork.

Vertical banner stand for Recork