What is Tradeshow Boothology? July 19 2019

The Founder of Boothster, John Paull Davidson combines years of tradeshow booth design experience with the development of unique, modular booth construction materials and building practices resulting in an unbeatable combination of fresh, innovative booth designs built with old-school booth construction know-how. His innovative take on custom tradeshow booth design has come to be called "Boothology". Boothology is the process of evaluating client goals and designing tradeshow booths that convey an organization's unique aesthetics and sense of style while also accomplishing their goals and maximizing their return on investment.


Tradeshow booth design by the Boothologist


As the Chief Boothologist at Boothster, John Paull understands that design and fabrication of a custom tradeshow booth affect the way people view your company, government agency or non-profit organization. Then, using that insight to choose the type of materials that represent the message, values and business practices that your brand is trying to convey!


tradeshow booth design by the Boothologist


The Boothologist and the Boothster team have worked with companies and government organizations of all sizes. We are proud to offer a wide variety of specialty banner stands, wall displays, stretched fabric displays, booth backdrops, lightboxes, eco-friendly banners, tabletop displays and even fully printable Banova wood, Precorr Cardboard and fiberboard walls and booth components that will help your company catch eyeballs and convey your messaging in a clear, compelling and aesthetically pleasing way!


tradeshow booth design by the Boothologist


Each custom trade show booth design the Boothologist creates is specifically designed to help your organization achieve it's aesthetic and marketing goals. Whether you are just interested in free-standing, light-weight tradeshow displays or want to talk about a full size, custom built lightweight booth design using the materials of your choice, give us a call or fill out our contact form today to learn more about how Boothster can help your company or organization prepare for the next major expo!