When it comes to eco friendly tradeshow booth design, many companies talk the talk, but do they walk the walk? October 13 2017

As climate change becomes more evident and natural disasters such as receding glaciers, hurricanes and forest fires become more frequent, the importance of environmentally friendly business practices has become very obvious to consumers, government organizations and companies alike.


Organizational Commitment to Eco Friendly Business Practices

 Photo by Ansgar Walk


Tradeshows, Expos and Promotional Events are opportunities to portray your brand, your company or your organization’s mission, goals and values to the public. These values are not only conveyed to the audience through a combination of branding, marketing and signage. They are also conveyed to the audience through your choice of tradeshow booth design practices and booth construction materials.  For companies or organizations that are interested in adopting sustainable design practices and utilizing green, recyclable materials for their custom tradeshow booths or vertical banner stands, Boothster and Recyclable Banners Co are proud to offer a wide array of eco friendly tradeshow booth design and recyclable banner stand solutions!


Eco Friendly Tradeshow Booth Design


As we have mentioned before, We believe the answer is in using biodegradable and non toxic materials that, through natural degradation, biodegrade back into the eco system. Boothster’s ultimate goal is to create exhibits, banner stands and displays that are made with 100% biodegradable and non toxic materials.  Because wood and wood products are a big part of Boothster’s custom tradeshow booth designs, it is essential that we use wood products harvested and processed in the most environmentally sustainable way possible! That is why Boothster uses a combination of wood products that have either been FSC certified as “Eco Friendly”, or that use soy glue instead of chemical based glues. These sustainably harvested wood products are used in all our vertical banner stands, table top signage and of course all custom designed tradeshow booths and exhibits.


Sustainably Harvested Wood used in Custom Tradeshow Booth Design 


Also,  The recyclable banners we use for vertical and horizontal banner stands contain no IARC Group 1 Carcinogens and are certified to be toxic chemical free!  This means that throughout the lifecycle of our printed banner materials, you can rest assured knowing that they will never contribute toxins or carcinogens to the environment.

 Eco Friendly Banner Printing Materials


For more information about how Boothster or Recyclable Banners Co can help your organization “walk the walk” with eco friendly tradeshow booth design or green vertical tradeshow bannerstands, give us a call, fill out our contact form or check out RecyclableBanners.com today!