Boothster and Recyclable Banners Co proud to feature a Plethora of New, 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable Tradeshow Banner Stands December 09 2017

As part of Boothster's continuing mission to provide eco-friendly tradeshow booth design and construction to companies and organizations of all sizes, we are proud to introduce a new line of ready made, 100% recyclable tradeshow banner stands in full size and tabletop configurations. These new banner stands are the first fully recyclable, multi-function full size and table top tradeshow displays that feature sturdy construction using 100% recyclable and bio-degradable materials.

From the 2 In 1 Recyclable Banner Stand to the Recyclable Table Top Tradeshow Display with Vertical Triple Banner Stand & Table Runner these custom printed tradeshow banner displays are meant to be used alone, or in combination for a fully recyclable and disposable tradeshow exhibit of any size! These recyclable tradeshow banner stands also help reduce shipping and storage costs because at their end of life they can be safely recycled and disposed in an eco-friendly way!  All banner stands include custom printed banners, hardware and shipping cases and were designed with a focus on simple set-up. All displays also comes with a transport case for convenient and quick tradeshow preparation!


100% Recyclable Tradeshow Banner Stand Components

With a huge recyclable banner and bannerstand selection ranging from small tabletop banners to the famous “Eco Rolla” banner stand, Boothster and have the recyclable, sustainable, reusable banner stands and banners of choice for businesses and organizations of all sizes!