Boothster Proud To Attend Portland Fashion Week Party! May 08 2019

Portland Fashion Week, "the Sundance™ of Fashion Weeks", is the 3rd oldest fashion week series in the United States, TIME Magazine’s “BEST Indie Fashion Week is the USA since 2012, and the only carbon negative fashion week in the world as outlined by The Huffington Post. From top of the line eco-chic and sustainable fashion experiences to their support for the local fashion community and community at large, Boothster is proud to be an long time sponsor of the Portland Fashion Week!


vertical banner stands for fashion events


Over the years, Boothster has had the pleasure of supporting the Portland Fashion Week with our signature "Eco Rolla" and bamboo vertical banner stands for their in-house promotional imagery and directional signage throughout their shows and events!


vertical banner stands for portland fashion week


The Eco Rolla Vertical Tradeshow Banner Stand is a perfect eco friendly banner stand solution for all types of tradeshows, corporate events or exhibition use, including indoor point-of-purchase and temporary outdoor displays! 


recyclable tradeshow banner stands perfect for banners and signage


One of the reasons that the Eco Rolla is so attractive to Portland Fashion Week is because it is the only eco friendly alternative to typical boring banner stands! For organizations like  Portland Fashion Week, the Eco Rolla is a cost effective way to utilize environmentally friendly booth design materials and signage, and it also features cool design details that are well, fashionable!


Boothster team at Portland Fashion Event


The Boothologist and the Boothster Team recently had the pleasure of attending a special event for Portland Fashion Week. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet other sponsors of this fantastic organization, while also providing a great time for some of the newest members of our team!

To learn more about how the Eco Rolla or Bamboo Vertical Banner Stands are perfect for your organization, check out our vertical banner stands page, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!