Boothster Proud To Work With Caesar's Kitchen On Their New Custom Tradeshow Booth Design for NPEW April 29 2019

Caesar's Kitchen is a unique new food company using modern freezing techniques to produce chef inspired frozen meals that are created with all the demanding standards of a real restaurant. The chefs at Caesar's kitchen pride themselves on creating meals that bring real ingredients like chorizo, calabrian chile peppers, asiago cheese and basil leaves to the table, for dishes that spark with personality and zest. In addition to using the finest ingredients, Caesar's Kitchen uses the latest freezing techniques which preserve freshness and nutritional value. During preparation, the plates are immediately frozen at the peak of their freshness which also locks in the utmost flavor and quality.

tradeshow booth design for caesar's kitchen at natural products expo west

It is this attention to freshness and quality that make Boothster proud to work with Caesar's Kitchen on their custom tradeshow booth design for the recent Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA! Their delicious frozen meals can be easily prepared in a microwave or a stove top, and when the Caesar's Kitchen team approached Boothster about a new booth design, it was clear they needed a way to present their meals to the public in a way that clearly conveyed the quality of the ingredients, ease of preparation and of course, their mouthwatering taste!


custom tradeshow booth design for frozen food company

It was with these requirements in mind that the Boothologist worked with the Caesar's Kitchen team on a booth that would allow tradeshow patrons to view how easy it is to prepare Caesar's Kitchen frozen meals, while also facilitating close interaction with company representatives to ask any questions they might have about ingredients, freshness or preparation!


custom tradeshow booth design and construction for food industry expos

The meal preparation section of this custom booth was designed with full kitchen functionality and a short countertop that provided a full view of the meals being prepared by the Caesar's Kitchen team. This clear view of the meal preparation process was intended to allow patrons to see, smell and taste the high quality ingredients of Caesar's Kitchen frozen meals, while demonstrating exactly how easy they are to prepare!


engage tradeshow patrons with a custom booth design

The Caesar's Kitchen preparation station was flanked by a large overhanging backdrop made of weathered wood and a modern backsplash featuring the custom created backlit Caesar's Kitchen logo, so that patrons could easily associate the company with the delicious free sample they were trying!


patron friendly custom booth design for food industry

The overall objective of this custom booth was to stimulate tradeshow patrons' senses of sight, sound and taste, while creating positive first impressions of the brand in a welcoming space where they could engage with company representatives! Whether you are just interested in free-standing tradeshow displays or want to talk about a full size, custom built booth design, to learn more about how Boothster can help your company or organization prepare for the next food industry tradeshow, give us a call or fill out our contact form today!