Boothster's Custom Ecofriendly Stage Design a Big Hit at the Sustainable Brands Show!! June 13 2018

As part of Boothster’s collaboration with Sustainable Brands for the SB’18 Show in Vancouver, B.C., we were proud to work with them on the custom design for the most visible and important part of the entire show, their main stage where all the featured speakers and guests gave their presentations! Throughout the week at SB’18 Vancouver, a host of organizations, CEO’s, scientists and luminaries shared a range of strategies for making meaningful and lasting connections with customers and other stakeholders, while improving their contributions to society.  The Boothologist and the Boothster Team were thrilled to have our work displayed in such a prominent and important place!


custom stage design for the sustainable brands tradeshow


Because of the importance and visibility of this custom tradeshow stage design, it was important to work with the Sustainable Brands team to get exactly the aesthetic look and feel they were going for. For this stage design, we were fortunate to partner with LUSH Cosmetics and ECOR Global to put together all the materials. The backdrop and podium were constructed using a combination of reclaimed wood and recyclable cellulose fiberboard to give the entire stage a dynamic and original look.


ecofriendly tradeshow stage contruction for sustainable brands show


For the center stage backdrop, the reclaimed wood provided visual elements such as a weathered patina, natural texture, extremely tight grain, imperfections such as nail and fastener holes and other natural characteristics that added visual richness to the space. These signs of previous use also helped the stage convey a fascinating story of sustainability!


reclaimed wood used in green tradeshow booth design


In contrast, the geometric layout of the cellulose fiberboard provided by ECOR helped convey the story of how new, sustainable materials are changing the way innovative businesses and tradeshow booth designers operate. This section of the custom stage backdrop was constructed by assembling dozens of printed fiberboard panels into a three dimensional geometric shape that is both attention grabbing and structurally strong!


recyclable cardboard tradeshow booth design for sustainable brands show


All in all, the combination of these new and old design elements on the stage created a perfect place for the esteemed speakers at SB’18 to give their presentations about the future of sustainable business! In this video, you can see the CEO of Sustainable Brands give her opening speech to start off the show! 



And in this video, REI's Alex Thompson outlines 8 macro trends that impact the future of society!



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