Don't Be A Tradeshow Polluter - Represent Your Company Accurately With A Green Tradeshow Booth Design May 03 2018

Industry tradeshows are great places to promote your brand, gain connections, examine the competition and introduce your products or services to a wide audience of potential customers and investors.  However, unbeknownst to many tradeshow exhibitors, the convention and trade show industry is among the largest producers of waste, second only to the construction industry, generating 600,000 tons of garbage every year! All those unread brochures, plastic schwag and nonrecyclable tradeshow booth construction materials add up!  Of all the 60,000,000 million people who attend consumer or industry tradeshows worldwide, each one will produce over 20lbs of garbage, totalling more than 1 BILLION LBS ANNUALLY!


green tradeshow booth design to avoid the landfill

As we have written before, Boothster believes the answer is in using biodegradable and non toxic booth design and construction materials that biodegrade back into the ecosystem through natural degradation. Using sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, recyclable cellulose fiberboard and biodegradable printed signage using water based ink, Boothster prides ourselves on minimizing the environmental impact of all our custom tradeshow booth designs. Our ultimate goal is to create exhibits that are made with 100% biodegradable and non toxic materials, while minimizing the fossil fuels required for transport. On past projects, we have achieved as much as 99% biodegradability and when recyclable materials must be used, we work to make sure they really are recycled!


recyclable materials used in green tradeshow booth design for the united states forest service

All of the reclaimed wood used in Boothster’s tradeshow booth designs is responsibly sourced and FSC certified.  Especially for an eyecatching tradeshow booth design, reclaimed wood provides design opportunities that are not available when using new wood products. The aesthetic elements of reclaimed wood such as weathered patina, natural texture and imperfections such as old nail holes and other character add visual richness to a tradeshow space. These signs of previous use also help your tradeshow booth convey a fascinating story of sustainability!

reclaimed wood used in green tradeshow booth design

The cellulose fiberboard used in our award winning tradeshow booth designs is made from post-consumer repulped paper waste, is repulpable, biodegradable and is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified! In addition to it’s ecofriendly, cost saving qualities, Cellulose fiberboard is a perfect medium for all types of printed designs! From brand logos, product photography or even faux wood and textured patterns, the potential range of printed designs is limited only by your imagination!


recyclable tradeshow booth design for natural products expo west

Our recyclable printed tradeshow banners are also manufactured with 17% Post Consumer Waste, are proven to safely biodegrade over time in a composting environment, contain no IARC Group 1 Carcinogens and are certified to be toxic chemical free!  This means that throughout the life-cycle of our biodegradable printed banner materials, you can rest assured knowing that they will never contribute toxins or carcinogens to the environment.  In addition to being just as durable as vinyl, our environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable printed tradeshow banners are perfect for all types of custom tradeshow booth designs, vertical banner stands, point-of-purchase displays, tradeshow booth wall displays and lightboxes!


recyclable tradeshow banners and banner stands

To learn more about how Boothster can help your company or organization minimize waste with a custom, ecofriendly tradeshow booth design, give us a call or fill out our contact form here!