Groundbreaking Non-Profit Organization Devoted to Fighting Climate Change Adopts Sustainable Tradeshow Booth Design for “Climate Day” at Natural Products Expo West March 14 2018

Kiss The Ground is a groundbreaking (no pun intended) non-profit organization committed to promoting soil restoration as a way to combat climate change. The soil under our feet is one of the fundamental building blocks of a healthy, natural ecosystem and the depletion of healthy soil is a major contributor to climate change and global warming. In the United States, farmers are losing 4 tons of topsoil per acre, per year on cropland. This type of extreme soil overuse and degradation leads to less nutritious food, reduced water infiltration, loss of biodiversity and smaller farm production while also contributing to extreme weather events and the “heat island” effect.  Kiss the Ground sees regenerative agriculture as a way to help people fight against these destructive forces by restoring the basic building blocks needed to support sustainable agriculture, clean water and healthy natural habitats. 


Custom Tradeshow Booth Design for Kiss the Ground at Natural Products Expo West


It was this passion for sustainability that prompted the founders of Kiss the Ground to create an organization that could actively inform, teach and promote regenerative agriculture and building healthy soil everywhere! Giving presentations at conferences of all sizes, providing educational curriculum for middle school students, giving outreach and training to farmers as well as best selling books like Kiss the Ground: How the Food You Eat Can Reverse Climate Change, Heal Your Body & Ultimately Save Our World, and production of educational films such as “The Soil Story” and “The Compost Story”, Kiss the Ground is leading the way in soil depletion awareness and regenerative agriculture education.  In addition to getting the message out about agricultural sustainability, Kiss The Ground also works within local communities to host events, classes, work days, and job-training internships for homeless youth.


Eco Rolla Recyclable Tradeshow Banner Stands for Kiss The Ground at Natural Products Expo West


It is Kiss The Ground’s dedication to fighting climate change and their commitment to sustainability that make Boothster proud to have worked with them on their custom, ecofriendly tradeshow booth design that was recently unveiled on “Climate Day” at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA!  The Kiss The Ground team needed portable, reusable tradeshow banners and banner stands that not only clearly conveyed their organization’s messaging and imagery, but also conveyed their devotion to sustainability. That is why they chose to go with Boothster’s full-color, recyclable, printed banners in “Eco Rolla Tradeshow Banner Stands”.


Recyclable Tradeshow Banner Stands at Natural Products Expo West


The Eco Rolla is the most eco friendly tradeshow banner stand on the planet, featuring wood base and sides, the core hardware is made with recycled content paper tube. For the recyclable banners we use either recyclable latex print, or eco cotton material. They are very easy to set up as well! At 15 lbs they are pretty light weight, while providing a dramatic graphic presence at any event. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the entire Eco Rolla Banner Stand takes just a matter of minutes to set up and the materials are super light saving money in shipping labor and material handling costs!


Eco Friendly Tradeshow Banner Stands


For our printed banners, Boothster uses either cotton banner material or recyclable latex saturated wet strength durable paper, which is a bright, white cellulose based, latex saturated print media whose key benefits include strength, durability, flexibility and the ability to fold without the display image cracking.


Recyclable Tradeshow Booth Materials


Additionally our print materials are manufactured from renewable and sustainable resources, containing no toxic metals or carcinogens! They are also FSC certified, are PVC free and comply with European REACH standards! For environmentally conscious companies interested in reducing their environmental footprint, The Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand is great for full color digital printing and is at least 90% biodegradable, making it a much better banner stand choice for an ecofriendly tradeshow booth or exhibit!

To learn more about Kiss The Ground, check out their website or connect with them on Instagram @kisstheground and Facebook @kissthegroundca!  

To learn more about how the Eco Rolla banner stand can be part of your custom tradeshow booth design give Boothster a call, fill out our contact form or check out today!