Long time adopter of eco friendly business practices adopts sustainable tradeshow booth design September 15 2017

Extensis is an efficiency minded software company that helps organizations of every size drive down operational costs and accelerate profitability with font and digital asset management solutions that maximize the value of digital content, help streamline workflows, ensure compliance, and facilitate collaboration.


Sustainable Tradeshow Booth Design for Extensis


As part of their ongoing marketing initiatives, Boothster has worked with Extensis for many years providing bamboo vertical tradeshow banner stands, lightweight stretch fabric walls and trade show signage using our eco-cotton print material.  In addition to being environmentally friendly, all of the display set up takes just a matter of minutes and the materials are super light saving money in shipping labor and material handling costs!


Boothster Eco Friendly Tradeshow Booth Display for Extensis

As we have mentioned before,  one of the most commonly overlooked sustainable tradeshow booth design materials is the printable banner material featured in tradeshow banners, vertical banner stands and promotional signage.  Most printable banner material is vinyl based, which makes it neither eco-friendly or recyclable. As an alternative to vinyl based printable banner material, Boothster is proud to use a durable paper based banner material with latex print.  This option is great for full color digital printing and is at least 90% biodegradable, making it a much better material choice for an ecofriendly tradeshow booth or exhibit.


Environmentally Friendly Tradeshow Booth Design


Extensis has been a long time adopter of eco friendly business practices including sustainable tradeshow booths, exhibits and portable displays include printable signage and banners. As a solution focused organization that specializes in helping companies streamline workflows, improve team collaboration and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, Extensis has been a great partner in getting the message out about how environmentally friendly business practices, marketing and tradeshow design can also be efficient and cost effective!


Bamboo Tradeshow Banner Stand

Our recyclable banner materials are perfect for all types of tradeshow, event or exhibition use, including for use in roll-up banner stands, indoor point-of-purchase displays, indoor banners, temporary outdoor displays, wall coverings and of course the Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand and Bamboo Mini Tabletop banner stand! For more information about how Boothster can help your organization with recyclable tradeshow banners and printable materials give us a call or fill out our contact form here!