Preparing Your Custom Tradeshow Booth Design for Natural Products Expo West January 25 2018

As a company that is committed to helping companies and government organizations of all sizes promote their message with award winning sustainable tradeshow booth design, recyclable tradeshow banners, banner stands and signage, Boothster is intimately familiar with the groundwork, construction and preparation that go into exhibiting at a major tradeshow. This time of year, one of the most important upcoming tradeshows for companies promoting green, organic or healthy products is the Natural Products Expo West, which will be kicking off this year from March 7 to March 11 in Anaheim, CA. Attended by industry professionals from across the globe, Natural Products Expo West is the premier trade show for the natural products industry, identifying the bestsellers of today and the trends of tomorrow. Not only is the Natural Products Expo a great place for companies and organizations of all sizes to exhibit their ecofriendly and environmentally sustainable products, it is also a great opportunity to connect with potential customers and learn more about all segments of the industry; from understanding ingredients, packaging, marketing, sustainability, distribution, advocacy to retail trends and addresses from keynote speakers.  The speakers featured at Natural Products Expo West are industry experts, business leaders and leading thinkers who are contributing to the changing landscape of the natural products industry.


Custom Tradeshow Booth Design for Natural Products Expo West


Tradeshows, Expos and Promotional Events such as Natural Products Expo West are opportunities to portray your brand, your company or your organization’s mission, goals and values to the public. These values are not only conveyed to the audience through a combination of branding, marketing and signage. They are also conveyed to the audience through your choice of tradeshow booth design practices and booth construction materials.  For companies or organizations that are interested in adopting sustainable design practices and utilizing green, recyclable materials for their custom tradeshow booths or vertical banner stands, Boothster and Recyclable Banners Co are proud to offer a wide array of ecofriendly tradeshow booth design and recyclable banner stand solutions!


Ecofriendly Tradeshow Booth Design at the Natural Products Expo West

Boothster prides ourselves on building exhibits, banner stands and displays that are made with 100% biodegradable and non toxic materials. We believe it is vitally important to use biodegradable and non toxic materials for custom tradeshow booth design that through natural degradation, biodegrade back into the eco system.  


ecofriendly tradeshow booth design for natural products expo west


Because wood and wood products are a big part of Boothster’s custom tradeshow booth designs, it is essential that we use wood products harvested and processed in the most environmentally sustainable way possible! That is why Boothster uses a combination of wood products that have either been FSC certified as “Eco Friendly”, or that use soy glue instead of chemical based glues. Sustainably harvested wood products are used in all our vertical banner stands, table top signage and of course all custom designed tradeshow booths and exhibits.

ecofriendly tradeshow booth design at natural products expo west

The custom tradeshow booth design process can be time consuming and the Natural Products Expo West is quickly approaching! Companies and organizations of any size can take advantage of our unique, cool and eco-friendly display products that can ship as fast as 5 days after receiving art! For more information about how Boothster or Recyclable Banners Co can help your organization exhibit at Natural Products Expo West with eco-friendly tradeshow booth design or green vertical tradeshow bannerstands, give us a call, fill out our contact form or check out today!